37 People Who Failed So Badly They Almost Won


It’s Friday, and it’s been a looooong week.  So it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy other people’s stupidity. We’ve all done something silly in our time, but these guys failed so badly and so spectacularly, they almost won.

Bring on the weekend!

1. This wildlife photographer.

2. This archaeologist.

3. This paintball enthusiast.

4. The person who parked this car.

5. This free runner.

6. This Lothario.

7. This Rihanna fan.

8. This man in black.

9. This guy trying to do a backflip.

10. Everyone involved in the taking of this wedding photo.


11. This prankster.

12. This gingerbread house baker.


13. This stuntman.

14. These two humans.

15. This student.

16. This child.


17. This martial artist.

18. Sarah.

19. This bowler.

20. This dog botherer.

21. This wannabe far-right graffiti artist.

22. This car wash risk taker.

23. This music critic.

24. This guy.

25. This person who’s confused.

26. This hooligan.

27. This truck driver.

28. This penalty taker.

29. This fitness fanatic.

30. Whoever designed this front page.

31. Austin.

32. THIS hooligan.

33. Everyone involved in the taking of THIS wedding photo.

34. This sassy model.

35. This robber.

36. This child.

37. Bonus animal failure: this dog.

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  1. So #36, no one even flinched when the kid went to throw a cat in the water… yea thats real nice. Then you’ll wonder why the cat scratches the shit out of the kid next time… “Whats wrong with that cat, get rid of it!” No… its you’re sociopath kid.

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