40 Clever Life Hacks to Simplify your World

Our recent blog 50 Life Hacks to Simplify your World did so well that we thought we’d do another one.  We all want to simplify and improve our lives; especially when a solution to a common problem is cheap, effective and easy to-do!

After spending a lot of time sifting through reddit, Buzzfeed’s Life Hack posts, we came up with the list below. Another 40 tips that will hopefully simplify your life!

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5. How To Open a Jar Using Duct Tape
















13. How To Eat a Chicken Wing














20. Open a Hershey’s Kisses in Style



















28. Quickly Unload a Case of Pop































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  2. If you want to save these pictures you can a) screen cap [ctrl + prt sc or Print Screen] paste in MSPaint and crop b)right click, view page info, click on the “media” tab, and scroll and save the ones you want. Works on a windows 7 at least. :D.

  3. all brilliant. EXCEPT #38, which should be removed. Not only is wedging a gas cap in the pump handle dangerous and illegal, it’s also a stupid anti-hack because gas pumps have that hack built in already! There are tiny ridges (2 or 3) on the bottom part of the handle. When you engage the handle to start pumping gas, you just need to push down on the thin metal spring-loaded lever until it touches the bottom of the handle. As you slowly release the handle, that lever catches against the small ridge and will hold. Depending on which ridge you use, you can have the gas flow either rapidly or slowly, your choice. And once the tank is full, the release is automatic. It’s already a great hack, don’t u se a gas cap to anti-hack it!

    1. Those notches that hold the handle in place are by no means universal, even within one state or locality. There’s even a gas station near my house that has two handles with the locks, and two without. Crazy. The bonus to using the gas cap to hold the pump handle on is that you tend not to forget the gas cap on top of the car. Nothing dangerous about it. The shutoff works with a gas cap or the locks.

    2. Many stations are being modified to remove these ridges because of the safety issue. Gas pumper should be operating it manually, EVERY TIME.

  4. Thank you for the extra counter space, pulling out a drawer! Life changing, because I am short, my counters have always been too high for me! This works perfectly in my kitchen!

  5. So glad you did the update and took OUT the sideways toaster one. That nearly burned my kitchen down but I was able to put the fire out in time, so I only needed to buy a new toaster. This one is DANGEROUS!

    1. Hold the ALT key…press the four digit code…then let go of ALT key… there are many more than what they showed you too, try any 4 or 5 digit code and see what it makes.

    1. I don’t know about illegal, but most gas stations at least here don’t allow it, and its not safe. Most gas pumps have a lever to hold it that will release when full anyways

  6. When I was a kid (50 years ago) I’d smear peanut butter on my bread THEN toast it, and yeah, the toaster was on it’s side…and least after I ruined the other toaster by doing it the other way lol. Toaster becomes a toaster oven just by laying it on it’s side.

          1. It started burning the plastic? What plastic? You should make sure to take the bread out of the toaster, or unwrap your cheese slice, I’ve never seen a toaster hot enough to burn a counter top! :o

          2. Was gonna reply to Nicole but there was no reply button on her post. So to Nicole, I think the plastic was burning because of the heat, duh :P No, seriously, if you tip the toaster over and turn it on the heat will rise… into the wall that now is the top. so most likely the toaster works when it is used as intended, otherwise they wouldn’t sell the toaster, but when in a tipped over positioning the heat can’t dissipate as it should.

  7. I am a manager at a gas station in Delaware. we have had many spills because the customer trusted the mechanical shut off and came inside to make other purchases. That is why the state law states that we are to stop the pump if we see a customer walk away from the pump, get back into their vehicle or otherwise not pay attention while dispensing a hazardous product. I have talked to several techs who work on pumps, they all say that the lever lock can and will fail causing gas to spill onto the ground. In Delaware the customer is responsible for not only the cost of the product spilled but also for any costs due to cleanup if the spill is large enough to merit cleanup. Moral is, pump your gas by holding the handle and once the nozzle clicks off, do not try to continue filling the tank…it is full already. Concerning cell phones, Delaware withdrew that law some time ago since the likelyhood of ignition is so low as to be non-existent. One woman pumping her gas, using the mechanical lock, was not paying attention (watching a train go by behind the store) and allowed about one gallon to spill on the ground. She came inside irate that the pump failed but told me that she was watching the train. She demanded a refund…I told her the law. Not satisfied, she called the State. They came out and tested the nozzle and it worked fine. Bottom line, when dispensing something as volatile as gasoline….PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

    1. The cellphone restriction isn’t actually there to stop sparks. never seen a cellphone spark yet…but have seen static off cars and they aren’t banned.

      It’s to stop people wandering about and not paying attention to traffic while on phone/texting. And to stop people just sitting in the forecourt being inconsiderate.

        1. ACTUALLY…static comes from your car, not cell phones. There’s signs all over the gas stations in California stating that you should discharge any static electricity by touching your car or a piece of metal before attempting to fuel up. Cell phones don’t give off static electricity lol.

        2. I saw the experiment on Myth Busters with trying to ignite petrol with static from mobile phone and they failed to ignite the petrol fumes no matter what they did. Myth busted

    2. This actually happened to me, and the gas spilled out all over me since I was standing right next to it. It was pretty bad. I don’t trust the lever locks anymore.

      1. If you don’t put the nozzle in all the way it won’t click off. Hmmm. I use the method of putting the tip barely in to add extra petrol or to get it to the exact dollar and that’s what happens sometimes. I can only see it is the users fault. Be more careful.

    3. I worked at a gas station also and there have been many many spills because of this…some so bad I was actually scared..tampering with a gas pump is actually illegal in quite a few states so know you laws before you end up getting your butt into trouble

      1. And we don’t pump our own gas in any gas station in Mexico. Attendants also check or fill oil and water levels and pressure of tires. One has only to give something extra to them. ;)

      2. Every time I get filled up in Jersey the attendant uses the mechanical lock and wanders over to help another customer. Then you have to wait for them to meander back over to your vehicle when the pump automatically stops. So, I’m not sure how that changes anything other than making the whole process longer.

    4. Here’s an idea, the government should butt out of our lives and quit mandating laws that punish the intelligent right along with the stupid! But then 8 out of the top 10 most liberal states in the US are all in New England! Glad I live in Texas! At least here we don’t have a nanny state treating us like children!

      1. New England only has 6 states, not 8…. I’m glad your not from New England too. But I am sure you are quite the intellectual amongst your Texan peers.

        1. Maybe you should have read what he wrote…he said 8 for 10 in us. We conside the whole North East as new england as a region.. not a political zone.

      2. To conflate that state controlled gas dispensing as a liberal nanny state thing is an indication of your apparently poor Texas education. I recall that those conservative states like Texas sure enjoy nanny state control over a woman’s body as well as what kind of science [or lack thereof] a teacher is a allowed to teach. “Nanny state” LOL – only a conservative would fail to understand their own hypocrisy.

    5. hey there maneger. explain to me this. why is it that every gas station i go to. whever i pump my gas the auto shut of shuts off after two seconds of pumping and i have to squeeze the handle again only for it to shut of again. doing this over and over again untill what i have prepaid for is in my tank.

      1. You have the nozzle stuck in too far. You’re not allowing it enough liquid to flow down into the pipe before it shoots back into the narrow pump opening, causing it to shut off (safety release to prevent overflow). Pull it out a tiny crack more and give it room to go down and you should be good. Don’t just jam it all the way into your car.

  8. As fir the gas nozzle trick, in New Jersey we have an automatic shutoff on the nozzle, it is called the attendant. lol We are not allowed to pump our own gas, no self serve.

    1. Many states have outlawed the hands-free pumping. I have done this forever as I am a traveling salesman. I find that an empty 20 oz. soda bottle with the cap on tight works even better.

      1. They have outlawed it for a reason … ever see anyone burst into flames from the fumes and a static spark? I have. Make sure you touch something else metal before touching the nozzle again.

          1. No this is true, my friend’s car caught on fire Christmas eve a few years ago, and she was lucky enough to get back out of the car she had just gotten back in to, I saw the pics, and it WAS caused from the static electricity

          2. Not a lie….ever seen a training video? There are warnings on the pumps for a reason….and calling someone an idiot is uncalled for….do me a favor next time you are pumping gas, get in and out of the car a couple of times while talking on the cell phone and have yourself a nice cigarette while you’re at it…..

          3. Personally, I agree. There is no evidence to prove static is at fault and I believe in fact a spark of static is not significant to ignite petrol. It is most likely caused by something else such as an electrical short, maybe a cigarette or even intense heat from the weather. Who knows? Spontaneous combustion????

  9. I have to agree with many others that the comments have been very entertaining. Regarding the gas cap debate and laws unfortunately laws are rarely based on probability but rather there is any possibility. No matter what people will always disagree on just about everything. I’ve never thought much about the static issue before but after reading up on research I’ll certainly be more observant about my actions. Laws may not be based on probability but you would think signs posted at pumps would be based more on it. Personally, I’ve never seen a sign or warning about touching metal for the static but I’ve seen plenty about not drinking gasoline… I’m thinking a static warning would be much more useful.

    1. I work on gas pumps for a living. Just so everyone knows the way the nozzle shuts off is by the venturi effect. Ever notice the bump between and spout and the handle? That’s a mechanical valve. Ever turn the nozzle over and see the small orifice on the bottom of the spout? That’s the atmospheric vent. When it is covered (by fuel or your finger or whatever) the nozzle will automatically shut off. This will still shut off if the trigger is propped open. But be warned… these fail A LOT! We replace nozzles a lot because of the valve failing to shut off. And about static… yes, the nozzle is grounded to the pump. A static charge on your hand could arc to the grounded nozzle and cuase a fire. But this has nothing to do with the shutoff valve in the nozzle.

  10. If you get ink on leather, spraying it with hairspray will remove it. If you have black scuff marks on linoleum or vinyl floors, to easily remove them just squeeze a small amount of zippo lighter fluid onto black marks and then wipe off

    1. if you get ink on anything, hairspray will remove it. Pen marks on clothes just need a light spray then into the washing machine for removal. A whole ball point pen leaked in my husband’s shirt pocket at work. It took a whole can of hairspray but the shirt was saved. I even got permanent black nikko pen marks out of light grey carpet using hairspray.

  11. I didn’t read all the comments so maybe it’s already come up… I can’t help but notice that in number 4 someone is cutting meat above veggies. :\

    Also, Do that drawer trick too much and you might end up replacing your track under the drawer.

    I made the ice cream bread. It was good.

    Towel racks idea is awesome!

  12. 1. You have an abnormally tall microwave if you can get this to work

    2. Clever, but I’ve never craved a solution for this

    3. Obligatory copy-paste from every LifeHack post ever created

    4 – 6. Very nice

    7. Only if you want to destroy your walls

    8. AWESOME!

    9. Perfect way to sacrifice 30% of the space in your fridge to solve a problem that no regular human suffers from.

    10. Will this translate from year to year? If so; epic.

    11. VLC player is the only media player you will ever need. This trick is only the tip of the iceberg. Also; its free.

    12. Or you could just fold the end of the tape like a normal person.

    13. Cool

    14. Who the hell owns a laser pointer anymore? If you do, why would you ruin your cat-toy?

    15. Ummm….why?

    16. See #3

    17. GENIUS (…if it works…)

    18. Its a goddamn sweater…nobody cares if you look rumpled. You’ve given up style the instant you slipped this socially-acceptable-snuggie over your head.

    19. OR…OR!…and this MIGHT sound crazy…you could simply spend those 2-3 minutes cleaning the fucking microwave. If you have such a layer of grime on the inside of the device you use to prepare your meals that you need to get clever on how you clean it…then you have a different problem…

    20. Were we really searching for a better way to open a single piece of candy?

    21. Cuz melting cheese in a compact device with exposed heating elements sounds like a good idea.

    22. Again, see #3 (BUT! Change “alcohol” in step one to “lighter fluid” and comletely remove step 4)

    23. So simple its mad genius

    24. …I…wut….but…ok…
    -24a: Flat pillow? Fold it and go back to bed
    -24b: Why do you care about a flat pillow durring sunlight hours?
    -24c: When encountering flat pillow problems, do you really have the patience to watch your pillow suntan for half a-goddamn hour?
    -24d: If only science had created a device you could toss your pillow into which would not only dry it, but also heat it…maybe even imbed some sort of pleasant smell….oh, brb, MY BEDDING JUST FINISHED GOING THROUGH THE DRYER
    -24e: This is not how your pillow interacts with sunlight

    25. Or you could take the 4oz device and turn it over, shake it out over a trash can and avoid looking like a tool who is slacking at the office.

    26-34. ACTUAL CLEVER LIFEHACKS! (30b: See #3)

    35. Why?

    36. If this really works its awesome.

    37. Clever way to avoid spilling sealed powdered stuffs.

    38. What gas pumps are you using which arn’t already equipped with a hands-free locking device? EVEN THE ONE IN THE PICTURE HAS ONE!

    39. Thats one way to do it.

    40. Again…see #3.

    1. Actually, for number 38, in most of NY because of insurance laws, the gas pump lockers are disconnected. We still have the metal tabs in place, but the locking groves are usually disabled. Mostly only full service stations still have them here in NY.

      1. lol WOW. I have heard of this device failing ONCE (someone I personally know, not some online story) and have never personally had even the slightest bit of trouble. Honestly I’m more afraid of the asshats who insist on smoking at the pumps.

        1. I’ve had overfills only a couple when these fail. But I’d still rather have them than not. But yeah, the dipwads that smoke at the pumps are far more dangerous.

    2. 15. Because if you let the sides of the boots flop over, they become wrinkled after a while and, depending what material they are, they may start to crack. :)

    3. In Massachusetts, it is illegal for a gas station to have the self locking pumps. It is also illegal to place anything into the nozzle to maintain continuous flow of gas.

    1. Hair dryers work very well at removing stubborn stickers. Just warm the sticker with a hair dryer about 30 seconds, and then slowly try to peel the sticker off. If the sticker does not peel off right away or it begins to tear, then repeat. The hair dryer melts the glue on the sticker to make it easier to peel off.

  13. Since everyone is hung up on gas pumps. If you just hold the gas pump nozzle in your hand and squeeze it while it is no in your cars gas tank and light the resulting spillage with any ignition source such as a lighter, then your end result of a gas pump and possibly a car fire will be more likely and more effective then just putting your gas cap in the nozzle and acting like a retard when the pump fails to shut off.

    1. I’m not sure why you think the pump is going to fail to turn off if you do the hands free pump thing. The only actual issue to be had with that life hack is that the piece of metal hanging in the handle, by the gas tank cover they were using, already exists for the purpose of propping the handle for hands free pumping. You flip it down into the groves at the bottom of the handle. The pumps are equipped with sensors that react to something in you car that send a shut off single when it believes the tank to be full. The pump would have to be broken for the over flow to occur. That or for some reason you had the nozzle too far out of the tank.

      1. No…they don’t shut off. When you put the metal piece down and the tank gets filled, the handle shakes and the metal piece pops back up, making the handle go down and stop filling the tank. However, if you keep pushing on the handle manually, the gas will keep coming. The “life hack” that puts shit between where the handle is supposed to go will actually stop the gas pump from shutting itself off and will make it spill everywhere.

        Real fuckin’ great life hack, right there.


  14. Very Kewl ideas!!! Thanks for putting them all together :-)
    and folks, as Mamma used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!!!!” :-)

  15. Here is a trick I use when making sausage and egg biscuits. Usually the sausage patties and biscuits are much smaller than a regular square of the individually wrapped cheese slice. Before opening the cheese take the handle end of a spoon and draw an X, from corner to corner, pressing hard. This cuts the cheese into four triangles. When you open the cheese wrap, take two triangles and put their outer edges together to create a new, smaller square. Likewise the other two triangles. Two small squares out of one individually wrapped cheese slice.

    1. Uhm guy, NY removed all pump props so yeah not only are you extremely undereducated, but I also mad you look like a complete and utter retard…. Long live number #38!! it is a problem and it does exist. Google shit before you post.

      1. And just as an FYI i spelt made wrong on purpose just so I could write this following comment and call you a douchebag before you got the chance to post again about my spelling. Long Live Illiteracy

        1. Internet + Anonymity = Jackass

          I live in an area where all gas pumps have props. In fact I’ve never gotten gas somewhere that doesn’t. Yes, Canada. Why would you google something if it seems like common sense everywhere you’ve been. And WTF NY? Why?

          1. All across the US gas stations have removed the props on the nozzle for safety. Unattended fueling of vehicle and gas spilling over if shutoff device doesn’t work. Its been that way for along time here in Florida.

          2. Actually I live in South Florida and most if not all of the gas stations I go to have pump props and they auto shut off when your tank is full. It sounds like you just wanted something to complain about, tank.

    1. I have lazy susans all over in the cabinets and pantry . Duh, I didn’t think of the frig! Just ordered a new old-fashioned frig without filtered water or ice in the door, or separate drawers with doo-dads to break off. There’s no extra stupid stuff to prevent us from seeing what’s in there. Cheaper. More peace too. I may never again have to listen to, “I’ve looked, I promise, there’s no _____ in there!” It can’t come soon enough! I only threw away over a thousand bucks for the fancy useless box. Good riddance.

  16. Here’s one…If you have a greasy stain, and you have managed to get the stain out but a grease residue remains on your clothes, wet the affected area with warm water and apply Dawn dish-washing liquid. Lather up and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Dawn really does “get grease out of your way”!

  17. #31, using mio containers also works great to take things like soya sauce, olive oil etc camping. Saves space in your cooler and is just the perfect amount for a meal or two!

    Also, empty tic tac containers are perfect for spices.

  18. I’ve been doing the cupcake sandwich thing all my life. That’s how my mom taught me to eat a cupcake. Whenever I eat cupcakes around people who haven’t seen it though, their jaws drop. lol.

    1. Bob in certain places such as down by ohio we call soda pop. When I went to Washington, D.C. The people also had no clue what pop was so me and my class mates had to keep saying pop instead when we ordered our food. So pop is also known as soda. FYI

      1. If you order SODA down south, you will get tonic water. COKE will get you any brown soda pop (aka cola). Best to know the slang of the area you’re in. Looks like you learned something Bob. LOL

          1. that’s exactly how it goes barry! lol.
            what kind of coke you want? Root beer.
            awesome seeing how everyone says and does things different to get the same conclusion.

        1. In Detroit Michigan , home of the faygo(redpop,moonmist,etc.) , we call it pop ,if you call it soda , people laugh and ask where your from , and at a bar if u order a soda you get soda water , everybody calls it pop in Michigan

          1. Not so fast VInnie I live in Lansing and I call it coke at all the fast food places here and they then ask me what kind. So no not all people in Michigan call it pop…LMAO

          1. Sorry but you’re both wrong….where I live in England it is always called pop, a generic term for all fizzy drinks, but NOBODY would ask you to buy a can of fizzy drink, they’d ask for pop!’
            Sprite is not lemonade, it’s lemon and limeade…not the same and not as good!
            Soda is sparkling water and we mix it with alcoholic drinks such as gin.
            I love how different regions have such diverse use of the same language :)

      2. It’s the same way in the Spanish speaking world as well with Coca Cola/Pepsi/soft drink/soda this is how they work it—
        These words all mean the same thing!

          1. Yes, this is a conversation that is happening. Since you know all about it, you can just put your head in the sand and be quiet. You will not waste space or time complaining.

    2. Well, “Down Under” we call it all “Soft Drink” or “Fizzy Drink”… No such thing as “Soda” or “Pop” it’s either those two terms or the actual name of the brand like “Coke” or “Fanta” etc :-)

  19. So in a lot of places putting the caps under the nozzle is illegal, it is only allowed in full serve stations in Canada as an attendant will be around to stop it, putting the cap under the handle will not disable the shut off but will allow you to walk away and do other things ( getting in an out of your car can cause an issue yah but the likely hood of gasoline igniting when the nozzle is in your gas tank is INCREDIBLY low) the main idea is to stop people from walking away and ignoring the nozzle letting gas spill all over the ground (because trust me the auto shut if is not perfect, clip, gas cap, or just standing there next to it) also, for the gasoline to ignite chances are you either a) pulled the nozzle out of the car while it was still running or b)started pumping gas before the nozzle was in your car, not a good enough ratio of oxygen to gasoline to cause it to ignite inside your tank, also your gas tank will never explode for the same reason, any fires that happen at a gas station end as a result of you taking the nozzle out of the tank while it is still running, other wise you should never enough oxygen and gasoline in the same place for them to ignite

    1. First, putting your cap under the nozzle us not allowed… in Canada.. period. In full serve stations, gas pump handles will have a “lock” feature that allows attendants to service other cars while yours is filling.

      Do some research, getting in and out of your car, while filling… is THE MOST LIKELY WAY that a gas fire will happen, is due to static electricity. Even if the nozzle is still in your tank. All this other shit “Former gas attendent says” is bullshit. Do some research yourself.

      Read this…
      “The next thing you know, he said, he saw this big ball of fire,” New Paltz Fire Chief Patrick Koch said.

      “Cell phones can ignite gas fumes coming from the pump and cause a disaster,” said Koch after the incident.

      No one who GMA talked to is aware of a single documented case of a cell phone starting a fire at a gas pump. But Koch still believes it is possible.

      “I believe that it can happen, and it probably could happen again,” Koch said. “At first I really did not believe it, but now after seeing what happened the other day, I truly do believe a cell phone can ignite the gas fumes from a gas pump.”

      Steve Fowler, an electrical engineer from Fowler Associates, says cell phone signals are far too weak to ignite even explosive gasoline fumes. He and Jim Farr, a fire marshal from Gaston County, N.C., study static fire and say your body can build up a static charge in different ways, such as getting in and out of a vehicle. “When you scuff your feet on the carpet, you can get up to 35,000 volts,” Fowler said. “In a car situation we have seen as high as 60,000 volts.”

      That voltage is enough to catch gas fumes on fire, Fowler said. As for a cell phone — or cell phone battery — sparking a fire, Fowler and Farr say that it is theoretically possible but not probable.

      Mr. Koch, you are not qualified to be a Fire Chief…

      1. Well done Ben. I was a fueler in the US Army and conducted hundreds of hot refuels on many different types of helicopters. Other than the rotors and blades moving the greatest threat was fires caused by static. The blades create a lot of static and the discharge can be seen at night. There is a youtube video that has been out for awhile that demonstrates how dangerous static can be at a gas pump. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6VKxmUPb3g

  20. the comments are better than the suggestions. I am guessing that a bunch of them were posted for comic relief. If not we are in some big trouble as a race. Now go fill up your gas tanks maybe use a piece of that burnt cheese bread as a blocker rather than the cap. Make it a great day all and live it well.

      1. A small amount of baking soda and water will also get burnt stuff off, just make a glue like texture out of them and pour it on to the burnt food. Give it about 10 minutes or so then rinse it all away.

  21. As far as the argument over the gas cap trick…………… I am really cinfused, cuz every gas station I go to has a catch on the nozzle handle that does this for you. It releases when the tank is full. Try it. Are these not on all gas pumps???????

    1. No. In some US states they’re actually illegal to have on the pumps (in those states, doing the gas cap trick would also be illegal.) This is to prevent gas spillage if the auto shut off on the pump doesn’t work.

    2. I have been to a few stations that do not have a catch, but I don’t see how this method of using the cap as the ctch would release when full. Think it is kind iof a risky suggestion??

      1. I live in NJ and I couldn’t care less about this tip. I only have to touch those nasty things when I’m in other states (paying more per gallon for gas, to boot). :)

        1. It is 0 degrees F today in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) and the gas cap solution is a must considering the cold and almost every station is Self Serve. I have yet to hear of anyone busted for using the cap/pump trick to fill the tank. Been doing this for 20 years and never a spillover.

  22. While some people are busy trying to find one of the tips to complain about, I want to thank you for all the time and energy you put into compiling some awesome tips. See if you can find some tips for negative people to try and be positive!

    1. I agree with Kelly there are too many people on here complaining and whining when they should be more appreciative of someone who’s done something very considerate. (Whether is for useful tips or for amusement purposes) if there were more people like you in the world the world would be a better place
      thanks again

      Have a great day

  23. holy shit how are we all still arguing about this? the gas cap trick is illegal in many states! its dangerous and lazy! just fucking hold the god damn nozzle. quit being such a fucking bitch.

    1. I have seen the gas cap trick flood a park in Manson’s Landing Cortes Island. A bus driver came to our pumps hooked the gas pump up, then went shopping in Manson’s Landing Store. By the time he thought to check on the pump, gas was running down the street, headed for the dock. Manson’s landing store got shut down by the Parks.

    2. I find your language to be in poor taste. There are some of us that do not talk this way and do not want to read it. So please do not subject us to it.

      Thank you

    3. Well just call me a bitch! Gasoline is a proven carcinogenic. It gents into your system THROUGH your skin. That’s why so many old pump jockeys got cancer. Just the fumes from holding those handles all day put you at a major risk. Look it up BITCH.

    1. I’m seeing alot of comments on this.. I used to manage a 15 pump, 24 hr convenience store/station and I can assure you that leaving your pump unattended or “locked on” is illegal in most states. With that said, the pumps have an “auto” shut off that is triggered when “back splash” or the fumes reach a certain level. There is a sensor in the nozzle. This is standard in ALL states. Some pumps may have faulty nozzles though so the best advice is….. don’t use this trick since it’s most likely illegal in your state anyway.

        1. Agreed!
          I use equal parts baking soda and aspirin to clear pores and eliminate blackheads. It actually got rid of ALL my acne within 3 weeks. Never came back again. No soaps or products, just these two ingredients.

          Also, mixing baking soda and toothpaste REALLY whitens the pearly not-so-whites.

          Cheers all!

  24. I tried the melting cheese thing in our toaster…it started smoking…and not from dripping cheese, I checked. Beeeee careful doing that one. Didn’t work for us at all!!

    1. Clean the crumbs out of your toaster first. This should be a regular habit for people to do occasionally. My wife set our cabinets on fire once because of neglecting crumbs for too long.

        1. Maybe his wife does the cooking, while he earns the money. This used to be common-place here in the states. Pick up a history book.

          Just sayin…


      1. I have an agreement with my wife. She cleans the inside stuff and I do the outside stuff. uuhhh… I’m going to check the toaster when I get home today!

    2. Yes, that one is a terrible idea. Besides the possibility of cheese dripping and starting a fire, the airflow is also wrong and the side of the toaster on top will get hotter than it is designed for.

    3. Same thing happened to me. The exterior of my toaster was hard plastic which began melting because heat rises. Was very much a *Duh* moment for me. It’s now all distorted-looking.

    1. This one is easy and WONDERFUL!! First, you need a hacksaw to remove the handle from the brush. then, be certain to fine the center of the brush (the bristle pattern will help) drill a hole through the center of the brush, run a bolt through the hole and run down your nut on the other side, leaving the end of the bolt extended on the back of the brush. VIOLA! now, simply use the extended end of the bolt as your drill bit base, screw the chuck down onto the bolt and clean that tub!!!

  25. Very nice ideas in here, some basic some bad ideas, all in all a good read.

    Also, to those of you arguing about the gas cap hack, just stop. Sometimes the silver catch is broken or missing, and I have yet to find a gas pump that won’t shut it self off when the level reaches full. The catch isn’t the part that shuts off the gas in this case, its the pump registering pressure. Also, those of you arguing that this is for states that it’s not legal to have the clip built in, why argue in favor of something that is ILLEGAL. I must say, you people make me need a cigarette.

        1. KO,

          I don’t finish the GAS I let the attendant do it… I never thought of the Static Risk, I will never do this again, because I looked it up and it is REAL.

          Don’t fill the GAS and get out of the CAR…

          Bad Idea!!!

        1. In Canada there are no clips that I have found except at the discount gas places where both the Diesel and Gas have the clips and there is an attendant even if the attendant is busy, they let you start the gas, and they finish it up for you.

  26. Amazing and resourceful. Only one comment, about the hands free gas pumping. Be sure you are paying attention, the gas pump will not shut off and gas will overflow onto the car and ground if you don’t remove the gas cap in time. Don’t ask.

    1. all gas pump nozzles have a built in venturi pipe that will trigger the mechanism to stop pumping as soon as the air flow passage get’s blocked by gasoline. That’s why when you fill your vehicle and approach it’s maximum capacity the trigger keeps stopping the gas flow. the same happens even when you
      lock up the trigger. Just saying..

      1. Yes, it will automatically shut off, normally, but when you put your gas cap in there, it does not always shut off because the gas cap takes up too much space for the trigger to click off & the gas keeps flowing.

        1. I would like to add that at many gas stations there is a device in the pump that places the pump in position so that one does not need to use a gas cap to keep the trigger on the hose in place. In addition, many of the newer vehicles don’t even have gas caps, and mine is attached to my car, so that one would not work for me. However, many of these are fantastic ideas that I am going to have to utilize at some point.

          I was wondering about the towel racks for holding pot lids, I was thinking that in order to properly screw them on, the screw would show one the outside of the cabinet. I like the idea, but I don’t like the idea of having screws showing through the front of my cabinetry.

        2. How do you figure that? It isnt the actual trigger that stops the gas. How is that any different from manually pumping the gas with your hand and having it shut off? Hmmm, amazing right? Simple logic.

        3. The only problem with thinking that the pump will automatically shut off because of the venturi is that if the o ring is warn at all it will still allow air to flow in and then no shut off. In Ontario Canada, the maximum fine for jamming your cap in the nozzle is $50,000. We used to allow clips, the the spills were too regular and so were removed from use. I have been in the industry for 29 years and have seen some huge spills because of jammed caps.

  27. IF you notice the small silver latch pertaining to the “hands free gas pump” ya if you press this down it does the same shit you never seen anyone use this while they clean your windows at a fill up??..and also don”t fuck with your toaster.

    1. A lot of stations have removed the little silver latch that used to hold it on. I think its because people are stupid, go to wash there windows, get in the car, and then drive off with the gas still pumping lol

    2. The tabs on the gas pumps in FL have all been removed. It’s very rare to find one that isn’t removed. Also illegal to place your gas cap in the pump handle.

      1. Not sure where you are in PA, or what Sheetz you go to. My girlfriend is a manager of the one down the street from me. All of the ones there have the latch. As well as the one on the other side of town where she trains new people. The only times in PA that there was no latch was at an old, run down gas stations. And I have been driving in this state for over 15yrs!

  28. These are some terrific ideas. I have one of my own: I put about a cup of baking soda in a small container and mix in enough dish soap (liquid) to make a paste. This is a cheap, excellent cleaner for corning ware, counter tops, etc. because it won’t scratch surfaces. You need to add a bit of water (like a couple of tablespoons) and keep it tightly sealed or it will dry out, but then you can add water if you need to.

    1. Doing the same with baking soda but using white vinegar to make a paste works wonders too. You can get that scorched black crap off your pots and pans in a breeze! In case you’re low on your dish soap or something. It’s the best garbage disposal cleaner/deodorizer too! :)

      1. You can combine the ideas of baking soda and vinegar and #32. using those two together, vinegar and baking soda combined with your home made drill scrubber brush, you’ll have the stove top spotless and the oven will also fall to your cleaning might!!!

      2. LOL, vinegar and baking soda creates a chemical reaction!!! Great for making a science project volcano spew fake lave, but can’t see this as a cleaning paste. Good one!

    1. My oldest girl is only 9 and she’s already complaining when I bathe her. Any tips on how I can get her to remain cooperative into her 30’s? And where can I get a jumbo size laundry basket?

          1. Exactly MY thought… I got it as a joke right away… People with no clue are funnier than the original joke sometimes…

          2. OMG the comments are better than the ideas. I am truly hoping that a bunch of them are sarcastic or God help us. LOL

  29. A lot of these are great tips, I really like 8, 16, and 36….I think I will try 36 to see if ice cream and flour really do make bread, very curious about that one!!

        1. Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. I think I’ve read things where yes, it is cotton string. I’ve been looking into doing this for Christmas presents, too.

          1. It is not the string, its the heat and cold water. If the glass does not break outright, it creates a weak point, hence tap it and it breaks along that line.

      1. Having worked in the glass industry for 20+ years I can tell you that steel string absolutley will not work.All glas cutting is done with diamond coated or diamond tipped tools, however the heating and rapid cooling might work to break the glass but I don’t believe it to be easily controlable how it breaks.

      2. the string dosent cut the glass its the heat that makes it soft and when it is put in water to rapidly cool it makes the glass less sturdy and so it cracks easier it is the same concept as why you dont microwave water in glass cups, because the sudden cool air on the hot glass can make it crack so all you need is regular string so that it would heat the glass not cut it

      3. The string wasn’t intended to cut through the glass, its there to soak in alcohol,lite on fire and heat the glass. Have you ever rinsed a hot glass off with cold water? Same idea, just controlled. Cotton shoelace should work great.

        1. Glass doesn’t actually cut in this case. Even commercially made bottle cutters only score the glass. It causes a defined weak line, and the bottle will break along that line. To get this to work you should use fairly thin cotton string. Quench the bottle with the string still burning. Then right away give it a sharp rap on something. Don’t expect it to work more than 10% of the time when you first try it. AND remember not all bottle glass is equal. Some will cut easier than others. Some will never cut without shattering, even with a water cooled diamond saw designed for glass cutting.

      4. the glass is not cut by the string. the glass is broken by the thermal shock you will induce with the burning string creating a localized hot line on the glass, then, rapidly cooling the glass with water. this will cause the glass to break from the thermal shock. you have to be careful, ALWAYS wear eye protection, and then, once you have carefully removed any shards of splintered glass (a real possibility) you MUST carefully and fully sand the edges.

    1. Any old string that will soak up the flammable liquid is perfect. Definately NOT metal/steel string. The flame heats up where you want to crack and the ice-water will fracture the glass for you across the line. This works on the same principles of a warm glass cracking when put too quickly under cold water.

    2. Yarn does the trick well. Soak the yarn in fingernail polish remover and keep the bottle tilted to retain heat. When the flame just goes out, dip the bottle in cold water, and it should fall apart at the yarn line.

    3. No, it’s just any string. You can’t catch steel string on fire, or at least easily. It’s just cloth string soaked in alcohol. The alcohol will burn and being around the bottle will heat the bottle up. when you put the bottle in ice water the sudden change is what helps it break. You’re not cutting the bottle but breaking it.
      Kind of like how oil lamp wicks and candle wicks don’t burn because there is a fuel on them that burns…

    4. I did this in a school project. We used a cotton string BUT we had to fill the bottle with water up to where the string was, then lighten it up.

      Our method was slightly different, but it did work.

  30. yery cool ideas!
    please explain what type of string to use on the bottle cutting
    have been looking for gifts to make for Christmas and this looks good!

        1. It doesn’t need to be flammable, it has to be absorbent to soak up the fuel. You are not trying to burn the string but rather the fuel on the string. In fact, the higher the ignition point for the string (and the greater the absorbancy) the better.

    1. Here is a video that explains http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vILNflmwFw Any type of 100% cotton string or you can use cotton yarn. You wrap the string around the bottle tightly a number of times right next to each other or on top of each other. You are making an absorbent surface for the acetone. Tie the string. Take it off the bottle as one loop all together and thoroughly soak it in 100% acetone (nail polish remover). Then slip it back on. HOlding the bottle sideways light the string and constantly rotate the bottle until the flame goes out then immediately submerge the bottle in ice cold water and you will hear a crack. Now the bottle is separated where the string was or you can tap it against something to get it to separate completely. Easy shmeezy.

  31. You people are arguing about gas pump legality? Grow up and find something to do. You all need a hack to get a life.
    As for legality, it’s illegal to carry a hand gun in Chicago (at least for a few more months) yet they are the shooting capital of the U.S. Hmm. But, but, it’s not legal…

    1. if you are not in a state that is allowed to pump its own gas then i can see that but i live in cali and i have to pump my gas. there is a built in thing that will hold the gas lever thing open, you dont need the cap. everytime ive pumped or seen someone pump gas this has been the case

          1. “Why would you all try to make X do something it wasn’t designed for?” Because otherwise it wouldn’t be a life hack.

        1. It’s not a question of it working or not, it’s a question of it burning down your house. Toasters are open on top for a reason, they need the airflow. When you use it sideways, your overheating it and letting crumbs and cheese fall on the heating element instead of the catch tray at the bottom.

          1. I agree, I haven’t laughed out loud while alone like I just did reading meh’s comment. That was great.

    1. This is not grilled cheese. There is nothing “grilled” about it. It’s toaster cheese. Grilled cheese is made on a grill or fry pan; not in the toaster. Stop kidding yourself.

      1. Yea, because 3.8 volts with a capacity of 2100 mAh is soooooooo gonna shock you. sheesh.

        You will take an exponentially larger shock from static electricity by shuffling your feet on the carpet and touching something metal (upwards of 7,000-20,000 volts at 20-30 milliJoules.

        But yea, let’s tell someone just how BAD an idea it is to get shocked by their cell phone battery.

        1. Actually. It’s not the voltage that kills/hurts you, it’s the amps. And 100% of the juice from a 2100mAh battery can actually do a great deal of damage, especially if dispersed in a small tub with only you to shock, including causing complete cardiac arrest. Luckily the batteries made in cellphones are made fairly safe.

          1. pretty sure she didn’t mean put the ipad/phone directly in the tub with her, more like for reading while in the tub or if your expecting a call you wont get it wet with your hands.

          2. Amperage is directly proportional to voltage. The higher the voltage, the higher the current (amps), the 3rd variable is resistance.

          3. Amperage is NOT directly proportional to voltage. Read up on basic electronic theory. If it was, people would explode when tazered. It can be, but not is.

      2. If you put a rock or gas cap in the pump handle at a military installation and it spills on the ground, you can bet that you will be paying a fine. There is a reason it is set that way.

        1. Volts aren’t what kills you. Current is. I can touch a million volts and it won’t hurt me. But if a few milliams crosses my heart (i.e. complete a circuit with both hands), I could die.

          1. Unless someone stabs you directly in the heart with an iphone battery, you’ll be ok. It’s too low voltage to create a dangerous current across your heart from outside your body.

  32. The gas cap stop is nice the 999 times the automatic stop works. I once had the pump stop mechanism not work – the gas pump did not have the automated clip so I managed to stop it within half a second. The pint or so of gasoline over my hands and pants and shoes made it a very smelly drive home. I don’t want to think about the mess if I wouldn’t have held it in the first place.

    Don’t,t walk aw.ay while pumping gas… Particularly towards the end of the fill up. It could get really messy

    1. You’re an idiot. Not all states allow the pumps to have the notches to hold the pump on. In fact, in New Jersey you aren’t even allowed to pump your own gas. Learn to check your facts before posting on the internet.

      1. Whoa! These tips are meant to be helpful! If they don’t help you…move on! Stop putting others down to make yourself feel superior. Geez! If you’re Mr. Boston Sports why are you even on here? To get a helpful tip maybe???

      2. LOL DUMBASS even if you’re not allowed to have that mechanism on your pumps shoving something in there to pump your gas for you is a BAD FUCKING IDEA. They probably don’t allow it in Jersey cause dumbasses like you don’t pay attention when the MECHANISM DISENGAGES, letting you know that you’re full. DERP. Do some research and apologize for being a DUMBASS.

    2. I used to hands free gas pump all the time until I went to a different gas station where the pump fell out. That happened once. Too paranoid to go back to old ways. If I clean my windows, I’m super jumpy keeping an eye on the pump. Smelling like gas wasn’t fun.

  33. Texas is full of faggots and sluts, especially in the HEB DFW area. Spoiled little bitches. They complain about everything, it’s no surprise to hear them whining about gas pumps. Anyway, fuck you Texas pussies.

      1. I am so tired of you freakin Christians shoving Christianity down everyones throats… Jeez! Did you even read the context of the thread? Get a history book and leave people alone.

  34. A word to the wose: i tried the grilled cheese thing in the toaster. It burned the crap out of the bread and smoked up my whole house. Don’t try that one.

    1. I used this one constantly in college. Of course the toaster has to be right for it. A basic toaster with wide slots that can accommodate a bagel is best. And you just have to make sure you dump out the crumbs afterwords. Probably not advisable to use the multi-grain breads like I eat these days.

  35. I loved the cupcake hack. Been trying to find a way to eat them without wearing the frosting as a mustache for years. brilliant. I do the gas cap whenever there isn’t a clip. So doing the iPad to the wall thing in the kitchen.

    1. My only worry with the iPad mount hack is the use of anything self-adhesive. That kind of stuff loses its adhesiveness over time… and when that happens, the iPad will fall and the sensitive screen will shatter!

    2. The cupcake hack also works for packing treats in your lunch. Just slide the cupcake into a plastic bag, and bada boom, bada bing, no icing smeared all over the inside of the bag.

  36. Alberta pumps.used to have clips but they were removed. I’m not sure if it’s a law because I’ve seenthe odd pump with the clip still. Our local station actually has a sign to touch a metal place on your vehicle to discharge static (first time I’ve seen that). Pumping gas in -40*c is a p.i.t.a.!! lol I ised to use the clip but I didn’t get back in my car. I just huddled in my coat until the pump was done. Brrrr

    1. Here in Va we do have the clips still. However most cars have the cap attached now to the car it self, and the Fords have no gas caps since 2008 or 09. I have spilled gas before just using the clips and thought it would work. So do as you wish. No one is stupid for doing so. As for the sign to touch you a metal piece on your car first……. its to take away static. If you have ever seen someone trying to pump gas especially in the back of the trunk for those we are to lazy to get the can out or cant lift much. It will cause a spark! Just like cell phones can and will. Most people do not realize not to use a cell phone while pumping gas. I have been at stations that will cut all the pumps off because one person is trying to pump gas and talk. I don’t want to blow up because of some dummy. Pumping gas is a part of driving. If you don’t want to get out and pump it stay home.

      1. Cell phones causing a spark is an urban myth. Getting in and out of the car is the issue, especially women wearing nylons. See Mythbusters for details. Staying out the car to pump the gas is a very good idea, worrying about cell phones whilst doing so, pointless.

        1. untrue in a way the spark is an urban legend however the signals from the cellphone can interfere with the pump causing the pump to malfunction its not as common anymore with smartphones using different signals but it still can happen

        2. Cell phones are not intrisically safe (i.e. they don’t have specifications that keep all sparks inside them) however they are not likely to cause a fire in a gas station, BUT why would you take even the slightest risk. There are a lot of UMs out there, but there is some factual basis in this one.

  37. Re number 37. An interesting thing I’ve found about snack bags (and the like), is that if you can’t rip an opening vertically down, you can instead grab the bag on both sides and pull in a horizontal direction. Goes the other way around as well. One way or the other will always work. Not sure why, maybe the way they’re glued?

    1. The duck is an internet meme, “actual advice mallard”. If you see a picture of that duck, the caption is about something useful, or some form of advice.

  38. I work at a gas station and it is illegal to put anything in the handle of the gas pump and walk away. A little dirt in the censor that shuts the gas off can render it useless and this could be very dangerous.

        1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full service station. I ride a motorcycle, so does that mean someone else has to pump your gas on a bike cause I dont think that would be safe having someone pump gas like that

          1. No, you can pump your own if you’re on a bike. At least you can in NJ, which is the only other state where you’re not allowed to pump your own gas.

      1. I live in Iowa right next to Omaha, Ne… Every single gas station I’ve every been to on either side of the river has the clip and it stops itself when it’s full or when you reach the prepaid ammount. I didn’t even realize that others states did it differently xD

    1. Depends on what state you’re in. Most stores in Louisiana have the locking clips . If they don’t, it’s for their own reasons. Not the law. I’ve never even seen a full service gas station.

          1. Every state use to have that law for safety. Oregon and New Jersey choose to keep there’s though it has been challenged on ballots before but is always voted to stay the same. You can now fill your own motorcycle though and no it is not more expensive considering I have to pump my own gas here in Idaho and it is more expensive then Oregon. FYI the fumes can also harm pregnant women and the fertility of women in general.

          2. Up here in Canada, at least where I’m from have full serve gas stations, but also have the option of self serve. The prices here don’t change if you do it yourself or get the employees to pump it for you. The only difference in prices is which gas one chooses (regular, premium, or diesel).

      1. There is a full service gas station near Airline at I-12 in Baton Rouge. They charge about $1 a gallon more for the luxury of having someone else pump your gas.

        1. I get gas in NJ, pay about 50 cents a gallon less than NY. When its nothing degrees out, having somebody else pump your gas is a godsend, plus money left for hot cocoa and a muffin!

  39. The little faith I had in humanity has just vanished. LOL Omg these are stupid, if you had any of these problems could you be “so ever creative” to figure this shit out??

    And to KB, quit making up stupid stories about our Canadian gas pumps. These are CSA approved and (US or CAD) I would bet you if I gave you a ciggarette, a gas pump and a vinyl track suite for you to run away in you could never ignite a gas pump. There is NO(okay, anything is possible. Eg. lightning strike) risk of explosion in the real world. I hate it when fellow canuks make an ass of our country.

    1. It’s not an explosion that should be worried about. If the cap is keeping the release mechanism from releasing and gas starts overflowing, you and the environment are in a lot of trouble.

  40. lol…. no one ever said any of these are SAFE and/or LEGAL, just that they are doable. I just sent the pillow one and another one to my Chem Prof. because they might just actually work… and she would be the one to know. So those of you fighting over stupid crap might want to find a hobby away from the computer. #ijs

    1. If I were your professor I’d laugh in your face and tell you to do your own experiment. Why wouldn’t you just test it yourself to see if it works? The pillow one specifically. It’s pretty easy to leave your pillow in the sun and see if it’s fluffed in the process.

  41. Saskie is right. We can set the clip and basically walk away while gas is pumping. When tank is full, the nozzle just quits pumping. That’s how attendants can do 12 gas pumps at a time.
    I found the cupcake ‘hack’ to be kinda dumb but some of these are cool.

    1. I do this all the time and never had an issue. The pump will shut off if it falls out of the tank… good way to not forget the cap too. Also… forget paper clips – just fold a corner of the tape under itself before setting it down to easily find the end.

  42. #21 Buy Toasta Bags to make sandwiches in your toaster. They are non stick bags for making messy sandwiches such as grilled cheese. If the cheese melts, it goes in the bag, not your toaster! Much safer, and neater. They can be found in many dollar stores. They may be called something different, but work the same, and are washable and re-usable.

  43. Gotta be extremely careful with the sideways toaster hack. I tried it, turned my back for 30 seconds and discovered my toaster on fire! I was lucky in that nothing burned down, AND my toaster still works.

    1. Agreed. Especially when the little metal latch will keep the gas flowing until the tank is full. Perhaps the meant to use this as a way to never forget your gas cap?

      The others are good. Shirt bumps, pillows & splinters especially.

      1. Although the metal latch is held in, once the tank is full the fuel will stop flowing. There is some kind of valve on the tip of the nozzle that closes once the fuel from the tank hits it. In Norway we actually have locks on these things that will do just what the cap does on #38 (but only on the diesel ones though).

      2. In NY and other east coast states, you can’t use the metal latch because of some law that was passed. It’s incredibly annoying. So, besides the safety hazard, the hack is pretty decent :-)

        1. I had no idea that the metal flipper isn’t available everywhere. These hacks are all great – don’t use them if they don’t apply or scare you. Why bash others that use them? I’m shocked that anyone would go out of their way to impart negativity and name-call. Basically these are an awesome alternate perspective to accepted norms that I find exciting. I, for example, when mopping the floor, use the garbage can of the room as the mop bucket. While scrubbing the floor you clean-the-funk-out the garbage can. One action = two chores completed.
          Thanks Artfido for posting these excellent ideas! Keep them coming!

          1. Phanie, if you use the garbage pail water to clean the pail and the floor, I’ll be sure to wear my barn boots to visit because your floor will be just as germ infested as if you poured the garbage directly on the floor.

        1. In Canada, if you block off the gas cap and get back into your car, you can create an explosion on top of 50,000L of gas. In the US, the hoses that carry the gas to the nozzle are grounded with wire- in Canada they aren’t. Your body, attached to the nozzle by your hand, grounds the static buildup caused by the gas moving through the acetate hose. If you removed the ground and got into your car, the risk of explosion is enormous.

          1. By that reasoning, if you fill up your tank whilst wearing a pair of doc marten boots (or any other insulted footwear), it’ll have the same affect. I really doubt that the USA would make fuel stations such dangerous places.

          2. I think you might be a little confused. Cars can build up static charge by driving on dry road surfaces. However many tire compounds contain enough carbon black to provide an electrical ground which prevents charge build-up. Newer “high mileage” tires use more silica and can increase the buildup of static. A driver who does not discharge static by contacting a conductive part of the car will carry it to the insulated handle of the nozzle and the static potential will eventually be discharged when this purposely-grounded arrangement is put into contact with the metallic filler neck of the vehicle. Ordinarily, vapor concentrations in the area of this filling operation are below the lower explosive limit (LEL) of the product being dispensed, so the static discharge causes no problem

          3. I am Canadian, and yes it is very risky to block off the gas cap and get back in your car…….don’t do it !!!!

          4. Bullshit. The nozzle is grounded thru hose to the pump. All electrostatic charge is routed to the pump the moment you touch it to the fill spout. The pump will sense a break in that circuit and immediately shut itself off.

          5. I disagree. In Saskatchewan 95% of gas pumps have clips built in to do exactly what the gas cap is doing in the picture. It is province wide and I’ve never heard of it causing any type of “explosion.” It’s a necessity, have you ever tried holding a metal gas pump to fill your vehicle in -50? Impossible without gloves or the mechanism built into the pump.

          6. I’ve lived in SK my entire life.

            1. It hasn’t been -50 in more than 10 years.
            2. Unless you’ve visited every gas station in SK, 95% is a pretty high estimate. Especially considering most of the stations in Regina have no metal clip.
            3. They don’t have it ’cause it’s dangerous. The likelihood of an explosion is small, but it can happen.

          7. it is the build up of static electricity that you can get from getting in and back out of your car that can start a fire when you then get to close to fumes your charge can set of a fire, anytime you get in and back out you need to touch a metal surface to release your static charge before getting to close to the gas fumes

      1. Any gas station out there gets a huge break on there insurance policy if they take there clips off,and then if your lazy dumb ass uses the cap idea you as the consumer are totally reliable for the fines and high dollar clean up,so if it takes place,take off fast and run even if the hose is still hoked up.

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