A chicken lover knits jumpers for her hens


Meet Nicola and her mother Ann from Cornwall, England. In one of the more touching stories we’ve encountered recently, these ladies rescue retired battery chickens by giving them a new home. They own around 60 hens and half of them are former battery chickens, who, unfortunately, having spent all their lives in cages, are not able to acclimatize to normal weather conditions.

To overcome this problem, Nicola and Ann knit teeny tiny woolen chicken jumpers. “It’s important to make people aware of the poor conditions the hens live in and the fact that they have no feathers when they are retired,” Nicola said.

Watch more in the video below!

knits-tiny-chicken-jumpers-battery-hens-nicola-congdon-cornwall-1 knits-tiny-chicken-jumpers-battery-hens-nicola-congdon-cornwall-6

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  1. Chickens
    are very effective at keeping their body temperature and even rescue
    chooks with very little feathering can manage without a jumper.
    are irritating when they are growing new feathers and a jumper provides
    the option for various predators to just grab the fabric and take the
    chook with them (eagles and hawks) as though they were in a bag.

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