Photographer Imagines What Darth Vader Would Do if He Was Just Like the Rest of Us


“We never think of movie characters like they were regular people. And they are. With different life goals, obviously, but they’re just people.” That was photographer Pawel Kadysz‘s initial thoughts when he embarked on his latest photo series called Daily Life of Darth Vader.

In it, Kadysz shows that the infamous Sith Lord performs many of the same relatable and mundane tasks that we do, such as food shopping and cleaning the house. Sometimes, he likes to enjoy the great outdoors, too. The only difference? He wears an imposing mask.

The Daily Life of Darth Vader is an ongoing project that Kadysz plans to continue until the Star Wars Episode VII premiere at the end of this year. He uploads a new photo every day—follow along on his TookAPic page.

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