A Collection of the Most Creative Body Art Ever Made


Body painting is an ancient and traditional form of artistic expression that has long existed in many tribal cultures. There is no doubt that the naked body is a perfect work of art on it’s own, but these artists have taken it one step further and turned the human form into an actual canvas!

The natural shapes and curves of the human body served as inspiration for these masterpieces. The resulting images reflect the connection between the artists and their subjects, and what they created together is truly mesmerizing!!

Let us know which one is your favorite. Ours is definitely the last one.

#1 Do you see where her body starts and where it ends?


Artist: Emma Fay

#2 Looks almost too real, doesn’t it? Can you see her?


Artist: Craig Tracy

#3 The body as a canvas


Artist: Unknown

#4 Do you see the woman in this picture?


Artist: Johannes Stoetter

#5 How many bodies do you see?

Artist: Johannes Stoetter

#6 Another one of our favorites


Artist: Aslan (Alain Gourdon)

#7 Did you see the lady on left?


Artist: Johannes Stoetter

#8 Pure Magic


Artist: Durasova & Artist: Brittney Pelloquin

#9 Goddess Style


Artist: Durasova

#10 … keep ’em smiles coming

Artist: Unknown



Artist: Unknown

Isn’t the naked body an incredibly perfect canvas? With all of it’s shapes, the possibilities are endless!!

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