Stunning Ballet Dancers Make Mexico City Their Stage in Photo Series


At the start of his presidential election campaign, Donald Trump insisted that “when Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.” Those words, along with many other comments about the people of Mexico and minorities around the world, have shocked many.

Inspired by these words, New York-based photographer Omar Robles embarked on a 13-day excursion to Mexico City in October to shine a more positive light on the country. Working in partnership with FujiFilm, he connected with powerful and talented local dancers across the city to create a stunning photo series.

As he reflected in his blog post, Robles had the chance to witness Mexico City “celebrate the joy of living by honoring those who walked with them” during their Day of the Dead celebrations. Amidst the vibrant colors of the city and bold personalities of the residents, he was struck by how gracious and genuine the people he encountered were.

“The rhetoric that permeates our times is sadly about division and segregation,” he wrote. “The warmth with which the people of Mexico received me and the dancers as we shot along the streets truly inspired me.”

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