A King Cobra Folded from a Single Sheet of Tissue Paper Plus Much More!

This accomplished king cobra designed by Ronald Koh was recently folded by origami artist Matthieu Georger from a single piece of specially treated tissue paper. The detail is amazing, especially the hundreds and hundreds of scales that individually require multiple folds to create. The artist also folds a wide range of other exotic animals, mythological beasts, and insects worthy of a quick look.

Here’s some of our favorites…

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Detail: The close up photographs of each artwork let you appreciate the craftsmanship in each piece

Georger's green folded tree frog was based on a design by Robert J. Lang

Bought back to life: Smilodon, an extinct saber-toothed cat, designed by Satoshi Kamiya, folded by Georger

Hercules Beetle, the most famous and largest of the rhinoceros beetles, deisgn by Satoshi Kamiya

The bright colours of the Poison Dart Frog warn off predators and this paper replica would certainly fool them

Black beauty: This origami sculpture is of Sleipnir, an eight-legged horse from Norse mythology

Fin-tastic: Scales are recreated on the pufferfish using perfectly placed folds

Pond life: Lily pads and a dragonfly are created in this scene

Animal magic: Hooves, a mane and the horse's muscles are all defined by the paper folds

Creepy crawly: This leaf katydid looks real

School of origami: These fish were created by the artist using his paper folding techniques

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