A New Miniature Book Showing Life’s Lil Pleasures By Evan Lorenzen


When we last saw Colorado-based artist Evan Lorenzen, he had just released his miniature book “THE MINI BOOK OF MAJOR EVENTS“.

His latest book continues the trend of not being your average book – it’s no larger than one inch tall and features drawings smaller than your thumbnail – and is called “Life’s Lil Pleasures”.

As unbelievably tiny as this book is, Lorenzen is an old hand at creating micro books. The wonderful thing about his books is their haiku-like quality, where he manages to convey beautiful memories, strong emotions or deep and introspective thoughts with the use of just a few words.

The accompanying illustrations, especially given their size, are beautiful and impressive. Lorenzen works primarily with pencil and ink, though he does use watercolors as well.










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