A Transparent Traffic Signal Box Painted Street Art Style by Mona Caron

We recently showcased the traffic signal boxes painted by some of Australia’s most amazing street artists including Kaffeine, Lucy Lucy and Makatron HERE.

So we were super-excited to see that illustrator and muralist Mona Caron has also helped de-uglify traffic light boxes in the USA as well! Titled Manifest Station, the small mural was painted on a standard traffic signal box on the intersection of Church Street and Duboce Avenue in San Francisco and has to be viewed from a specific spot so that the horizon lines of the artwork match those of the actual intersection. As an added bonus, a mural in the background which was repainted in part on the traffic signal box is actually an older piece by the same artist. Caron is currently working on a surprisingly great series of weeds and just painted a giant wildflower in Union City.

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