Toddlers Hilarious Reactions to Trying a Lemon Slice For The First Time

Most people will agree that all toddlers are cute – but, as a group of photographers have undeniably proven, they’re even cuter when they’re tasting a lemon for the first time. Photographers April Maciborka and David Wile have compiled a series of photos of adorable toddlers sucking down lemons – and the priceless facial expressions the children make when they instantly learn what sour is.

The photographers went with a simple title for their project: Pucker.

‘Lemons can be a great source of entertainment,’ the photographers explain. ‘Especially when you give babies the opportunity to taste [them] for the first time!’

The babies’ reactions range from pained to confused to betrayed. In a few cases, the babies actually seem to enjoy the lemons.

'I'm pretty sure this orange has gone bad'
'Ehh - lemons aren't that bad. Try getting a tattoo!'
'You said lemons taste good. Liar'

'I think it's eating my tongue! I think it's eating my tongue!'
'Note to self: lemon juice and eyeballs don't mix'
'I don't get it'
'Take it back! Lemons are evil!'
'Hmm, it's kind of like grapefruit - only horrible'
'Did I get any on my face? It's on my face, isn't it (sigh)?'

'20 bucks says I can fit this whole thing in my mouth. Any takers?'
'Not bad. Could use a little sugar, but otherwise not bad at all'
'PLEASE tell me you have more of these'
'Wait, wait - you're telling me people ACTUALLY eat these things?'
'Jokes on you - I didn't even eat it, I just put it all over my face'
'This would be great with some fava beans and a nice Chianti'


Watch their reactions on YouTube as well!

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