After Breaking My Wrist, I Turned My Plain Cast Into Thanos‘ Infinity Gauntlet

I broke my wrist recently and decided that rather than walk around with a plain white cast, I’d pimp my cast.

With the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ just released, it seemed like the only logical thing to do!

  1. artFido

    The first step was turning my cast to gold. I just used gold metallic acrylic paint.

  2. artFido

    I got some craft gems and just sized them up! I was having serious doubts whether it was still a good idea at this stage!

  3. artFido

    Planning out the design. I had to use my left (I’m right-handed) hand so this was particularly tricky!

  4. artFido

    This was just testing the gold 3D fabric paint to see if I could create the ridges on the glove.

  5. artFido

  6. artFido

    After all the 3D paint was on.

  7. artFido

    I used a standard black marker to begin the detailing.

  8. artFido

    I used a metallic acrylic bronze and some black to start smoothing/adding shadows.

  9. artFido

    The first test of painting the gems. Again just acrylic paint – it took a few coats and a hair dryer!

  10. artFido

    I ended up adding some PVA glue to the paint for the gems. This was to help it stick and add a shiny gloss to them.

  11. artFido

    I used a silver pen to add subtle highlights just to help with the allusion of depth in the detailing.

  12. artFido

    Tadaaah! A grown man walking around with gems on his arm!



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