The $1 Billion Star Wars Land Is Nearly Finished And These Aerial Photos Show Just How Crazy It Looks

Star Wars has played a major role in many people’s childhoods and even adult years. It remains one of the most iconic and influential movies in the entire history of modern cinema and has truly managed to unite and inspire millions of people around the world.

Being able to experience this iconic scenario in real life is a dream of many fans, and it will soon be possible after Disney announced it will be releasing not one, but two Star Wars lands that fans will be able to visit very soon. It comes as no surprise that once the news updates about the exciting new sites were posted, fans from all over the world got even more excited.

  1. Recently photos of the new Disney’s Star Wars land surfaced on the Internet


    It is reported that Star Wars: Galaxy Edge will cost around $1 billion and will be finished by August 29.

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    If you take a closer look at the photos you will notice round-topped towers being built that will be a part of the Black Spire Outpost – and imaginary village that’s also an extension of the Star Wars world.

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  4. There will also be several restaurants as well as the first Disney venue to sell alcoholic beverages


    Developers say they were mostly inspired by the architecture of Middle Eastern cities including Jerusalem and Istanbul.

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  6. artFido

    The news about the Galaxy Edge first broke in 2015, there are currently two Star Wars themed lands being built, one in Anaheim, California which will open on May 31st, and another one in Orlando, Florida opening on August 29th. The land Orlando will be the largest single-themed land expansion ever made at a Disney park coming in at a whopping 14 acres.

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    The photographer of these images is a Twitter user that goes by the name bioreconstruct and is a big fan of theme parks as well as aerial photography. “Aerial photography is a long time hobby. I fly often. It’s fun to see changes over time. It has been very exciting to follow the construction of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge,” he said in an interview.

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    According to bioreconstruct, fans are the most interested in seeing the Millenium Falcon ride where you will be able to sit behind its controls in one of three unique flight crew roles.



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