Amazing Color-Matching Pen Can Write in Any Color on Earth!


If you’ve ever wanted to capture the exact color of something, now you can. The amazing Scribble pen makes it possible to match any pigment you see by using an RGB sensor and a five-color ink cartridge, and it will allow you to translate the beautiful hues of real life onto paper or your digital device.

The top of the Scribble pen has a scanner that will save any consistent color it’s pointed at, and then uses its combination of inks to match what it sees. According to Scribble’s manufacturers, it’s capable of storing 100,000 colors in its internal memory and runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

If you’re strictly a digital illustrator, have no fear. Scribble also makes a stylus with the same capabilities. In addition, there will be an app available for both models that instantly syncs every color that you scan with your mobile device.

The pen is not yet for sale, but is expected to launch on July 7th of this year. You’ll be able to pre-order it via their Kickstarter campaign.

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