Artist Gets Tortured Like an Animal to Raise Awareness for Animal Cosmetics Testing


Following on from our previous post where a performance artist showed her lady parts in front of the painting “The Origin of the World” at the Musee d’Orsay (see HERE), another performance artist has gone to great lengths to make a point.

A young woman was restrained, force-fed and injected with cosmetics in a high street shop window as part of a hard-hitting protest against animal testing. Jacqueline Traide was tortured in front of hundreds of horrified shoppers in a bid to raise awareness and end the practise.

The 24-year-old endured 10 hours of experiments, which included having her hair shaved and irritants squirted in her eyes, as part of a worldwide campaign by Lush Cosmetics and The Humane Society. The disturbing stunt took place in Lush’s Regent Street store, one of the UK’s busiest shopping streets.

Jacqueline appeared genuinely terrified as she was pinned down on a bench and had her mouth stretched open with two metal hooks while a man in a white coat force-fed her until she choked and gagged. The artist was also injected with numerous needles, had her skin braised and lotions and creams smeared across her face.


Passers-by were gobsmacked to see Jacqueline, a social sculpture student at Oxford Brookes University, forced to have a section of her head shaved. The gruesome spectacle aimed to highlight the cruelty inflicted on animals during cosmetic laboratory tests and raise awareness that animal testing is still a common practise.

article-2134555-12BF3AE6000005DC-479_634x420 NWS_MLE_LUSH_085.jpg

The Humane Society International and Lush Cosmetics have joined forces to launch the largest-ever global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics.

Lush campaign manager Tamsin Omond said: “The ironic thing is that if it was a beagle in the window and we were doing all these things to it, we’d have the police and RSPCA here in minutes. But somewhere in the world, this kind of thing is happening to an animal every few seconds on average. The difference is, it is normally hidden. We need to remind people it is still going on.”

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  1. This is sick & gross! Stupid! There are other ways to make people aware. You mean like if you want to raise awareness about sex you would go on the street and have people fucking naked! Common! There’s a limit!

  2. A very poignant display. I think if more people SAW what happens there would be less tolerance, the problem is that people can’t stomach it and turn away (even though they don’t like it). Apathy is the enemy of change… So thank you for making this palatable enough to watch, so people can SEE and start being more informed consumers. I just added an app on my iPhone called “Cruelty Cutter” it allows you to scan the barcode of products in the store so you know whether or not they TEST ON ANIMALS – it makes it easy.

  3. I understand that testing new products on animals is cruel, but really there’s nothing much you can do. ‘Cause what, you’ll test them on humans instead? It’s not a problem when it’s a cosmetic with only a few ingredients, especially if they’re natural and have been already tested. However the more things you mix up together the end product becomes more and more unsafe because it becomes harder to predict interactions between the components. Keep in mind that those are still CHEMICALS and CHEMICAL REACTION can occur giving ADVERSE PRODUCTS – that’s the reason why cosmetics and drugs have EXPIRATION dates in the first place.. And the problem becomes much much graver when we talk about drugs, which has greater effect on the body, and needs to be tested on animals that much more.

    Actually I think that those pictures we often see show animals used to test drugs – cosmetics are made to be safe in the first place, so the effect on animals shouldn’t be too severe. Now medicine is another story, since researchers often have no idea how new kind of drug will affect the body.

    Once again, I’m not happy about animals being tortured, however I consider our and our children’s safety much more important. Instead of using money for such campaigns, we should use them for research on how to test cosmetics and drugs in a safer way, if it’s at all possible. I’m propably gonna get a walloping for this but I’m just saying… For die-hard animal lovers out there who’ve been offended by this comment, I’m just sharing my thoughts on this one as a chemist, ‘kay? It may sound cruel but as much as I love animals and I never would’ve wanted to see any of them suffer, I don’t see them as equal to humans. Still, I wish I could come up with a better solution…

    1. except that it does. You really have no understanding of BDSM if you think nothing here relates to it. The first three pictures I saw I thought somebody had accidentally shared a porn site through facebook or something. The implements used to restrain any person will be the same regardless of occupation; I’m just most familiar with most of these restraining implements in either a handful of professional settings or in BDSM. It’s not ignorance, it’s knee-jerk reactions.

  4. Feminism? BDSM? Wtf is wrong with you people? This is about animal cruelty. She’s wearing a body suit she’s not naked…am I not watching the same video as everyone else? And for the record BDSM is a consensual practice. Both people involved chose to either be dominant or submissive because it’s something they enjoy. No one is being forced into BDSM and if they are it is rape. For those who practice BDSM males can choose to be submissive if they want and females can choose to be dominant. It just so happens that most females prefer to be submissive and most males dominant, but there are plenty of people who switch roles. In this video she is attempting to portray what is happening to animals that are tested on by using a human (herself). Why? Because everything looks worst when done on a human than an animal.

  5. Please tell me she didn’t actually die. I doubt she died but I want to make sure I am correct that she didn’t die..

    1. She didn’t die, it’s all an act. Like PETA protesters. Honestly, if they want to get through to people, they need to have someone who is willing to get some real chemical burn. People know it’s fake, they can go back to their happy little lives and pretend it “moved” them. It shocked them, it didn’t move them.

    2. of course not – “artist gets tortured…forced to have her head shaved” it’s BS. She would have chosen to do this, so everything was planned beforehand. she is a “performance artist” i.e. watch again, the movements are stylized and choreographed

  6. I wonder what that woman’s blonde hair dye was tested on ? Or her eye liner ? Her clothes are most likely made by children in a slave labor warehouse somewhere in south east Asia.

    I don’t agree with animal testing but if you’re going to talk about how bad it is, don’t wear it yourself.

    You cannot escape the fact that the majority of things you buy on the high street cam eat the expense of someone or something else’ suffering.

    1. There are cruelty-free products that are not tested on animals. Lush Cosmetics is one company that doesn’t test. Wet n’ Wild is a drugstore brand that doesn’t test on animals. There are a few more.

  7. This is still happening in this country, there are beagles going through this sort of thing, there are marmosets having their brains destroyed, all sorts are going on in this country that people are unaware of. Those on here that are making a big hooha about feminism and BDSM are just trolls, stick to the point of the story !

  8. If there is no sustainable alternative, animal testing will continue… cosmetic and medical oriented.

    Right now focus should probably be on finding the solution rather than the reason why an alternative should be found which is pretty much universal knowledge by now.

    But then again… some artists are just in it for the shock value!

  9. This looks like a form of BDSM to me. Judging by the hard nipples of the female in the first photo, I would say that she likes it, lol. If they seriously wanted to prove a point, they would have used an animal and not held back. That would have proven a point. The current scenario is literally a depiction of modern day BDSM, that’s it.

    1. The whole point is animals don’t have a choice in the matter, If they used a real animal for these tests then it is almost undeniably certain they would have been sent to jail for animal abuse. The person in the video was consented to the tests before hand so its more or less BDSM but its for a point rather then just sexual pleasure.

  10. For one thing it is all “Double Standard” I mean, “Hair Dye” the last time I had ever checked, is also a Cosmetics item! These “Activists” are wearing it too. Hair Dye is also tested on Animals in the same manner. They need to simply “Practice what they preach!”

  11. The ones that act like they’re better than everybody else and say that the people who don’t agree with them aren’t intelligent are the types of people that ruin causes. -_- You’re making yourself look less intelligent because you can’t come up with a better explanation than “You don’t agree with me, so you must be too stupid to understand what I’m saying.” Seriously, get off your high horse.

  12. How about we stop the unprovoked name calling towards anyone that doesn’t immediately worship this video and all it stands for? Because to the guys who are all for no animal testing, I agree with you, but you are seriously harming your arguments by slinging childish insults. You can do better.

  13. Well she’s a really good actress. It must be quite painful to shave your head and have lotions put on your face….I understand their point, but this is stupid.

    1. No, the lotions were injected into her. She was also force fed and all kinds of other horrible things. I don’t think this is stupid, I think you are stupid. I have a very low tolerance for stupid people and you’re stupidity level is pretty stupid. Now bugger off. I don’t suffer fools gladly and you just piss me off. twat.

    1. I know, it’s out fucking rageous.

      Why is everyone so fucking STUPID?

      I guess most people are not brought up to give a fuck about anyone but themselves.

      I’d like the UK but I imagine everywhere else is just as bad. I despair sometimes. Fucktards.

    1. Individuals vote and influence law-making. Informed citizens make a difference. One president elected every 4,5,7 years doesn’t have the same weight.

  14. engraçado como que TODAS as mulheres que falaram contra testes em animais possuem o cabelo tingido cada um de uma cor, será que elas pensam que para desenvolver cores novas para elas “ficarem na moda” existe por trás disso pesquisas e testes em animais. Hipocrisia.

  15. In my opinion this is waaaaayyy over the top . Yes I agree that animal cosmetic testing is wrong, but come on this isn’t necessary. If you had the inspiration to do this how bout you go to the middle east and film your self getting beaten to the ground with the back of an ak47 after receiving salt rubbed into your wounds. People should open there eyes to whats going on in this world, Its pretty bad that all Jacqueline Traide can see is how badly the animals got it. In my opinion of course. I want to see people standing up for the safety and well being of humanity before we begin counselling the laboratory’s about there animal test subjects. You and me and the people in this article should stand for our brothers and sisters all over the world who are being shot, killed and tortured before we set up big recreational stunts to raise awareness for animal cosmetic testing.

      1. why is everybody so negative about mankind this day and age. it makes me sad we are a beautiful species that live on a beautifull earth, and no we are not perfect, but indeed let’s try to be beter.
        Ohyea, the world will survive together with its plants and animals, its just mankind that wont survive itself maybe.

        1. We haven’t done anything good for this world. Everything that appears to be a “good” act has just been an effort to clean up a mess we made.

    1. No, we need to be doing both. That we should be helping *people* is not a reason not to be helping animals too. Animals suffer in agony when tortured. They don’t have logic and language but their pain is just as real. If you want to go and do the kind of actions that you recommended then you go and do so. If she wants to raise awareness about animals then she has every right to.

    1. Because you’re cynical and jaded and see the worst in everything and every time someone tries to do something positive you find ulterior motives.

      Give them a break, if they can find a way to do a little bit of good while still earning a living for themselves them hats off to them.


      1. He’s right: this is publicity. There are a lot of voluntary associations for animals respectable, and she has chosen a multimillionaire company for “her show”: a company that sells overpriced products to everyone that doesn’t know that the tests on animals for cosmetics are prohibited in Europe. Yes, every product from Europe isn’t tested on animals. But, you know, a shampoo from lush costs from 7 to 16 euros.

      2. Also, fight for animal rights and use internet to diffuse the video is a contradiction: pc and electronic items kill more animals than that eaten and used for tests , and they die for a worse death for the extraction of minerals like Ta and Li, because they slowly agonize. But, you know, animalists really love facebook. I seriously hope that tests for medicinals won’t be prohibited too, or we’ll see the first deaths.

  16. I think it would be better to have an audience participation exhibit. But the cowards are only into causing pain and suffering on defenseless sentient beings. What this artist is trying to show you pathetic morons is that cosmetic testing on animals is wrong. And that there is no need to inflict pain and suffering on them. If you see this as wrong, then you have a good start at being a compassionate human being. If you see this as funny or anything other than wrong you are a sociopathic being that should seek help before you hurt someone with your twisted thinking.

    1. Exactly. That’s why I’m so angry about all the morons with their twisted logic saying “this is propaganda”. No – it’s not propaganda – it’s highlighting pain and misery which is inflicted in order to sell cosmetics, and if people can’t see that that is wrong, then there is something wrong with those people. Compassion means you give a fuck about the suffering of others. To anyone who doesn’t give a fuck about the suffering of others, I have a PROBLEM with you. I sweat some people are just hardwired to defend the status quo and are offended by anyone who criticises it for however valid a reason.

      1. You don’t understand: nobody is against compassion.

        People like us in fact not only have compassion but also something you lack: intelligence.

        Intelligence that makes us see that, this video is not only not helping what it pretends to defend, it’s also as the opposite effect.

        1. It’s nice and all that you feel the need to point out that this is propaganda but please for the sake of all of us ‘lower intelligence’ beings could you explain how it is propaganda. I understand how it can easily be seen as manipulative as it is funded by a multi-million euro cosmetic company. But theres a difference between something being manipulative and being propaganda.

          Propaganda is defined as ‘information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.’

          I’m failing to see how a protest against animal cruelty in the cosmetics industry is biased or misleading. It is being used to promote a certain point of view but sometimes certain points of views are needed. After all any campaign against rape or assault or any other infringement of the law is propaganda and yet it is important that there.

    1. Maggie what on EARTH is your problem? Of course she told them to do it to her. They told them to do it to her to highlight animal abuse. Yes she screamed because that’s what people do when they’re in extreme pain. She knew it would be like that but she chose to do it in order to raise awareness about how animals are treated. Don’t you think that’s brave?

      MASSIVE face-palm at you. You must have an IQ of about 3. WHY OH WHY do so many people not understand things? Do you really need everything spelt out to you. God they breed fucking morons in this country. Maggie, you are an ARSE.

    1. It’s even more funny that this animal cause propaganda, is here to replace the current feminist propaganda which supposedly was about empowering women, in order to further the world’s cognitive dissonance, hate and misanthropy.

      In fact part of the hypocrisy and contradiction was hinted by the success of 50 Shades of Grey, and because the feminist propaganda built so much irrational contradictions that oppresses both men and women, rather that disappearing in a few month because it’s not credible, it’ll get the opposite reaction and women will be treated even more violently, with disdain without the benefice of the doubt of a poor defenseless women since they’re supposed to be equal and be able to defend themselves…

      And BDSM like what’s used in this video, which we see appearing in a disgusting form, more and more in what used to be casual porn, is secretly gearing all coward men minds toward being even more violent and disdainful with women, and nobody will be able to spit out feminist bullshit against it.

      1. You’re partially correct in that there is quite a bit of hypocrisy in the feminist movement, but those are predominately the “loud” minority – the “loudest” subsection of feminists. Those are the same types of people that label themselves as “social justice warriors” when all they’re doing is being hateful towards other people and expecting that it’ll make things better for them when it’ll do the opposite.

        However, I believe you may be misinformed regarding BDSM. BDSM is consensual, so both parties involved agree to what happens there. If they want it to stop, they have a safe word to use so the other person knows to stop. 50 Shades of Grey is considered to be offensive to people in the BDSM community because it portrays things incorrectly. I’ve spoken to a few myself. Not to mention the ones I’ve spoken to have a lot more respect for women than some non-BDSM folks I’ve seen.

        Abuse is abuse, but legitimate, consensual BDSM is happening because a person wants it to – so it’s not abuse anymore. This isn’t even BDSM considering it’s not even remotely sexual.

        1. I agree with you, but like for feminism, I’m talking about the culture that it has become and/or the way it is being use predominantly.

          In fact common sense even wants that in most case BDSM departs from the mainstream stereotype that is about men being the solely dominant party while women should be submissive, and now because of 50 Shades of Grade success and how the whole BDSM “image” is being used and embedded in culture and even propaganda, they’re just recently reversing the role reversal, and making about women being dominated or treated even more violently or with disdain because all men looking at porn are fed with that, and somehow, women are accepting it thanks to feminism.

          1. I see your point, yeah. The mainstream stereotypes are taking things out of hand and removing them from their core purpose or values, which is what will ultimately influence large-scale reactions and decisions made regarding each subject. It’s a shame, really. :/

          2. BDSM was never once about reversing the power exchange by making men submissive and women dominant. It’s always been about making one person dominant and one person submissive. There is not a gender norm for BDSM though statistically men tend to prefer being dominant and women prefer being submissive. And yeah, 50 shades of Grey does the male dominant, female submissive version of BDSM. But as acknowledged it sucks for so many reason. But there’s nothing wrong with a woman wanting to be dominated in the bedroom. I’m a woman and I like being dominated. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m strong and independent. In fact, BDSM itself can be a role reversal from the norms of individuals. I have a dominant personality which is why I love being submissive in the bedroom. A lot of the guys I practice BDSM with tend to be shyer and have more submissive personalities, which is why it’s fun for them to gain control. But even then, it’s only the illusion of control because I still actually have full power because things stop the second I use the safeword. It has nothing to do with violence against woman and everything to do with a consensual power exchange.

          3. I think it’s suspicious women prefer being submissive and I don’t think sexual preferences say nothing about gender socialization, norms, etc. Why wouldn’t they? The sexual realm often reveals deeper psychology. Women are socialized to be submissive already, it doesn’t surprise me to see this in sexuality. They sexualize their physical weakness in comparison to men as well – hardly the behavior of a literal equal. This makes sense – femininity is seen as smaller, weaker. It works to prop up masculinity, which is stronger, more capable. This is why, within porn, there are so many acts of degradation against women: it boosts the egos of the viewers. They can, temporarily, regardless of how pathetic they may actually be, feel superior. There’s no common degrading act, for instance, done to men in your average heterosexual porn vid. For women, there’s the facial, the woman on her knees, the power imbalance exacerbated. And this is in a typical video, not even kink. Again, for instance, there are a plethora of sexist epithets used against the women: “slut,” “whore,” etc. Women are even reduced to “cum dumpsters.” What are the men called? There’s no analogous term for men, no degrading term for being the giver of a cum shot. It’s only being the recipient that’s considered lowly- the woman. This is a clear example of a societal reality being echoed within the sexual realm. A man enjoying calling a woman a slur is like a white man enjoying calling a member of an ethnic minority a racialized slur. Both come from places of power, imagined and societal. All of this exists within BDSM. And if acts as common as these exist in vanilla porn videos, and are blatantly influenced by sexism, why wouldn’t acts in which the power imbalance is heightened even more have potential to be political?

            I’m submissive as well, with experience in the kink scene, where I saw the majority of women adopting sub roles. There’s plenty of sexism, as well as other problematic substance, within sexuality, and it seems disingenuous to say there isn’t. This is the shit so many people grow up watching as children, and when you consider the urge for power and aggression that permeates the basest human nature, it’s not surprising to me that BDSM is flourishing.

      2. Hey! So if you think this type of propaganda is doom to failure just like feminism, then what do you suggest would be a better way to bring awareness to the subject(animal cruelty). I truly don’t know and I think you are arguing against what they are doing but not being constructive and bringing a solution that would work better. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful I am just very interested in your opinion.

        1. I think that’s the point. Even though they’re not responsible for the woman’s suffering (obviously she chose to do this demonstration), they are responsible for the suffering of animals when they buy mascara that is tested on animals.

          1. This was meant to be at the person above you. I have no idea why it was posted to you. My apologies.

        2. You’re not, and I thank you for this question, which is completely relevant.

          When you want to change the world, people are easily tempted not only to use causes as a way to evacuate frustration but also to use fire against fire which of course worsen the fire.

          If you want, say, people to legitimately find solution: think and act knowledgeably, rationally and spiritually. Animals are not equal to men this is a fact of both nature and metaphysic, but they are living being part of an ecosystem on which the world and humans are physically (and if you believe, spiritually) inter-dependent. So they ought to be treated in such regards, and from a humanist point-of-view, we as evolved human can’t accept rationally that any being should suffer.

          Even more and simply rationally, the human population growing (until it peaks at 8-9 billions by the end of this century and impossibly more) it doesn’t make sense to integrate meat as part a recurrent meal, because the farming and production necessary to feed people at accessible price would mean not even letting the head of animal grow, and jewish or muslims industrialized rituals make even less sense.

          See, I didn’t give you solution, because it’s not what people seek for, it’s the rational and sound truth (not rationalization which is the contrary), and be teaching this to people by any relevant solutions wether video, articles, informations etc…is the way to change things.

          Note that again, I’m saying that this video is inefficient, it would be the case if they were legitimately sponsored and created in this regard like most feminist bullshit, but it’s not, it’s just PROPAGANDA which uses one of many cause and disguise to just promote and condition to bad thing, often the contrary to what it pretends to defend.

      3. The big problem I think is that there are other ways to raise awareness to this problem.

        This just disgusts people and makes them feel responsible for this woman’s suffering just because they bought some mascara. So either they are very stupid and have no sense of communication, or they just like being tortured in public.

        1. You know, people’s mind are tricky, and some are magicians at manipulation.

          When you do this kind of propaganda bullshit, people may be disgusted or even chocked (because now it’s more about shock propaganda) but the true impact is that people will neither be more aware and even if they are by social pressure it always comes back around making people completely accept, assume even glorify animal cruelty.

          And when you use human, here women (and it does not randomly uses BDSM imagery), it shocks but then condition people to see such thing, even blaming human, even accepting or glorify this kind of attitude toward woman, wether they’re stupid/dangerous vegetarian fucks who influenced into being misanthropes or people who don’t care but will see it as a legitimation to violence against women.

      4. I’m sorry but you’re way off. I never comment on these but what you’re saying is ridiculous. What has BDSM got to do with animal cruelty? The idea is that animals don’t have a choice when they are put through this torment. Men and women, who choose BDSM, are empowered to inflict that on themselves; it’s a choice. So take your mind out of the gutter and see it for the real message. For the record, a woman who enjoys BDSM is also a feminist.

    2. If you thought any of that constitutes as BDSM even REMOTELY, there is something terribly wrong with you. It’s so far off that it’s a terrible sentiment and even worse of a joke.

      1. Doesn’t change the bullshit that people hijacking the animal cause, like feminism is hijacking equality, are bringing.

        But you seem to fucking stupid, and indeed I consider lower than animal intelligence like you worthy of being treated like in the video.

        If you don’t get what propaganda was and is, especially with bullshit as obvious as obvious as the video, you’re the kind of scum because of which the world is getting worse, and why the nazis got into power barely 70 years ago.

          1. ouuuu the illuminati conspiracy is manipulating us! defenders of animal rights are just puppets of the new world order! hahahahha I not understand english so well, I speak spanish very well but not so well english, the only thing that I can say is you are a fuzzy superb blind idiot madarfacarrrrrrrrrrrrrr hahaha fuck off fucking peace of shit

          2. I’m a freemason, so I find it funny that you use the old Alex Jones point or the conspirationist card to discredit my discourse.

            You must crazily fucking stupid to even mention what nobody mentioned exactly as the media pushed you to.

        1. The second someone groups feminists and nazis in the same argument I immediately tune out. but when I tried to reread this comment trying to understand what this person argument is, I still didn’t get it. what are you even saying?

          1. He’s saying that this is blatant propaganda and that he can’t comprehend how anyone could possibly deny that unless their intelligence is comparable to the animals subjected to these kinds of tests.

            I’m not saying I agree with him but I can see that English isn’t his first language and despite that I was able to use context clues to figure out what he meant rather easily.

          2. What do you mean it’s propaganda? It’s raising awareness about how animals are treated. You talk about it as if they have some insidious agenda. As if raising awareness about the harm animals are subjected to is somehow a bad thing, or a devious thing. People who care about animals do so out of compassion. So they want to spread the message to make people think. Do you have a problem with trying to get people to think about important issues? Every time I encounter someone like you, my faith in humanity goes down. You are a prize fuckwit.

          3. It is man. It is propaganda, but you don’t know what it is and according to your reaction you are probably too stupid to understand. Smart people have understood fortunately.

            It’s shame people who wish to defend animal cause are not only so stupid but also dangerous, that they’ll not only ruin the animal cause, but also participate in humanity destruction…

          4. Its not because people are stupid, it’s just allot of people are aware of the subtle ways use of propaganda in western media and education. Thats why i call it western propaganda.

          5. It is indeed western propaganda, but it still the most prominent, I mean you don’t see much chinese or iraki propaganda these days…

          6. Man, I would be completely willing to listen to your argument if you actually presented one. However, you’re not – you’re just repetitively saying “smart people will understand,” and if anyone disagrees they have the intelligence of an animal.

            How is this propoganda? “I
            nformation, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.” What’s being done is not misleading – only eye-opening. Animal testing exists and has existed for a long time, and this demonstration simply took this information and presented it from a point of view that would get a rise from onlookers.

            For future reference, if you would like to make a meaningful comment and show people what you’re thinking, please try explaining yourself first – that way maybe we can know what we’re agreeing or disagreeing with.

          7. Can you even read? I clearly said “Also, I’m not agreeing with him just demystifying what he said for you.”

            Also, propaganda is propaganda regardless of your opinion of the propaganda (it being good or bad).

          8. WOW

            So there still are intelligent honest people out there.

            Thanks, and of course you agree with me since you have the intelligence and honesty to understand what my discourse is about.

          9. Hmm. Well, everyone that doesn’t agree with you is stupid? Wow, you must be a pretty stubborn, frustrated person. Why couldn’t things be what people claim them to be? Just because this performance was viewed by you in a different way doesn’t make you right. The point is that they were actually trying to POINT OUT that animal cruelty is a major issue. That is all. You are saying that all people that disagree with you are “unintelligent” and “scum”. What does that make you? What kind of person are you if you try to offend people for having a different opinion than yours? You mentioned the nazis… well, you kind of sound like one because all they did was value their own opinion and nobody else’s… and they were trying to put it down everyone’s throat. I think that this women proved her point, because, how would it be if people were tested like animals are tested? They have a right to live just live like we do and no one gives people the right to torture another human being or an animal, which is even worse, because animals are hopeless creatures. Please, don’t make this about feminism, or nazis or something perverted just because that’s the first thing that struck your mind. Oh, yes, and before having no argument and calling me “scum” or “unintelligent” or a “hypocrite”(I’m guessing that you are really into these words and you can’t find any better ones because google translate doesn’t work at some point) please consider the fact that there is something called free speech and different opinions.

          10. Well, yes I’m right. And if I’m wrong, someone more intelligent or more knowledgable will easily persuade me, because I’m rational, reasoned and propaganda was actually part of my job.

            Now, again: NO, this video doesn’t point out anything. The subtle impact is exactly THE contrary: it will legitimize violence against animals, and even against women. If you don’t understand how propaganda work, then I can’t even explain to you, you wouldn’t understand with precisely semantically chosen words and facts.

            That’s what I call “unintelligent” people or stupid. And you have the free speech to have stupid opinion, this still makes you wrong in a logical, factual, rational debate.

          11. Augure, I think I see what you are trying to say.

            Let me try and paraphrase how I interpret your debate, in case it helps others understand your point.

            According to what I’ve read, you seem to place a very interesting argument on the line here. You assert that:

            This performance artwork, in an attempt to bring light to animal cruelty, has created and is still instilling an adverse effect on the public audience who observe the performance (be it in person on as an image/video through social media) that has much more to do with feminism and sexual expression, than animal cruelty alone.

            What I do agree on personally, is that this artwork could ultimately, over an uncertain amount of time, effect people in a subliminal way (which is how propaganda works best) and in fact desensitize people to the way sexuality is expressed, appreciated and accepted in society. With the artist putting herself on display, tortured by an at first unidentifiable, androgenous-looking “scientist” (quotation marks in case the professional term scientist in this context, offends anyone here), BDSM is an obvious connecting theme that arises because of the way media is bringing out sexuality in society so blatantly in this day and age (think of some recent music videos of very popular songs). With society thinking this is acceptable (ie. controlling powers of media, govt, etc.) it allows people to feel okay about their sexual desires, however wanton and rampant, and occasionally abusive as they may be, and claim it to be a right to their opinion. This type of person, the one who claims their ‘wrongful’ opinion to be ‘right’, is dangerous because of their ignorance, an ignorance that they might defend so assertively and stubbornly. By asserting an ignorant viewpoint, it may mislead others also ill-informed and cause more issues down the track for those who are fighting for a just and logical answer. This is simply my opinion however, and others who disagree are welcome to share their ideas in an intelligent and considerate way. There is no reason for name-calling and shaming, that tactic is not conducive to critical thinking and analysis in my opinion.

            What I’m not exactly sure about is whether or not you Augure, can prove that this effect, this propaganda, is a deliberate motive of the artist/artists. This is where I think your personal opinion comes into play, and where all of us can also share our surrounding opinions freely. However I think your role here is done; it has made us think critically about something and judge for ourselves where our values lie (most of us hopefully). Initially I thought this artwork was a great idea until I was reminded about the way society works these days. It is unusual for some sort of new movement to crop up without negative consequences somewhere down the line.

            I hope this post has made sense to some people, and helps persuade some who aren’t really sure about what opinion to draw from this artwork and Augure’s argument.

          12. I wish there was more intelligent persons like you. One quick correction first: you assert that by rational thinking, logical dialectic construction and semantic knowledge, you can form an opinion/critic which by its reasoned construction and accurate wording is enough to convince people of the argument. Most people are too dumb to even be capable of that, or at even understanding said point.

            What I’m saying more specifically is that there is “intelligence” and logical thinking behind that. Most people who want to make a piece about animal cruelty would use top of the mind, or common sense (contextual, induced or not) plot and ideas, like showing animals being tortured, stats, macro-economical and agronomical arguments, or (more or less) smart advertisement like Peta does.

            But this is only the third video of this kind I see (one in Israel, an other in Europe and this one), using controlled imagery (not random or artistically inspired), in a context and time that fits the propaganda scheme (following feminism). These last years feminism, amongst all other propaganda, is probably the most brilliant for numerous reasons I can’t enumerate, but mainly creating a complete irrational contradiction, thus cognitive dissonance, by pretending to “empower” women while making them weaker (self-victimization) and less prone to self critic or being criticized, further isolating genders.

            Now what the BDSM propaganda plot, started by 50 Shades inorganic (not natural) success or the more recent “sponornosexual” inorganic trend, the strong, violent, disdainful man seem to be what is currently being pushed to the audience. Porn helps a lot to promote this in the privacy of ones (mainly men) house.

            And animal cause, amongst other neo-causes, is doubly efficient: by staging humans being treated like so-called animals, using the BDSM torture gimmicks, while it will pretend to help animal cause (but it will just help the globalized shift of food production and consumption habits) like feminism pretended to help women to a high backlash cost, will further push the cognitive dissonance by conditioning people into more violence, self-hate and misanthropy. Violence and misanthropy is what you need to make people hate themselves and others more than their governments, institutions or corporations, and accept their murder/mistreatment while you can prepare to war.

            All this I know by learning since I’m young not the horror of the Holocaust, but exactly how it came to be after the course of 50 years of conditioning, and how current propaganda works, both in its pattern, methods and context. Clearly this type of video will spread exactly in this form, very similarly to some new type of “art propaganda” with people nobody has ever heard of being promoted for getting fucked in the ass covered in paint or beaten by a group of art student for the “performance”, and it is right on time, using the plot devices and gimmicks too perfectly so that it isn’t deliberate on either the people curating, acting or promoting it. I also know the FEMEN (who live in my neighborhood)…

        2. All I took from this comment was “hurr durr feminism bad animal testing and abuse fake I like to lick my own asshole.”

          Your grammar doesn’t even make sense honestly? And yet you’re calling this person an idiot?

          Animal testing and sexism are both still very, very real, and if you doubt so I suggest you get out from behind the computer screen you use as a shield from the world and go outside for once. To believe that by publicizing these issues we are perpetuating “propaganda,” then I must also assume you believe the world is just la-di-fucking-da perfect.

          The first step to minimizing and erasing issues that plague society today is by making these issues known instead of brushing them under the rug. You’re just part of an even larger issue in the world today, and I honestly hope you get yourself educated and learn that the earth doesn’t revolve around you.

          1. That’s because you are too fucking stupid and hypocritical, you are the plague of our society, I mean by your stupidity you are literally the reason why it gets worse for everyone.

            Just look at NotYou replies if you’re too hypocritical to understand.

    1. Feminism promotes equality for both men and women, excuse me if I don’t understand why that is classed as a ‘destruction propaganda tool’.

          1. fucking fag like you or Louis CK are the reason for the current destruction and cognitive dissonance of the world.

          2. One, people don’t say “fag” anymore. Two, you make zero sense. You fucking worm.

          3. I don’t know what they say in your country, but if I don’t make sense you’re probably the kind of stupid influenceable scum of no value or intelligence I refer to when I say “fag”

          4. OMG! And you’re a genius, we should have a new religion and you should be a GOD! PLEASE, TELL US WHAT TO DO, TELL US THE PATH TO BE SOOOOOO SMART AND GREAT AS YOU’RE!

          5. “You don’t understand what I’m saying when I’m obviously not a native English speaker and have some trouble with the language? LOLOLOL YOU MUST BE AN IDIOT.”

            Were the first things you learned in this language insults…?

          6. you just call everyone stupid but you don’t have even one argument dude wake up seriously… whene daysofdisent say that”Were they stupid when they were fighting for you to have the vote? Are they stupid in India when they’re campaigning against forced marriages?” what is you arg against it?

          7. Yes he IS fucking retarded. It’s because he stuck a pencil up his nose and rammed it into his brain and wiggled it around until he’d turned it all to mush.

        1. Why the FUCK do you think it’s not about equality? Oh yeah because you’re a FUCKING idiot. Twat. If I had a penny for every spacktard who whines and whinges and cries and moans like a pathetic fucking loser saying “whine whine whine feminism is not about equality”.

          Of course it’s about fucking equality you dickshit. what’s the matter with you. You need to go and run yourself over like brian harvey.

      1. Yeah right baby, it’s 2014, nobody sane or rational believes that bullshit anymore.

        That’s why they’re switching to the next propaganda tool that is the pseudo animal cause, that strangely ressembles and uses the same visual cues as BDSM in which women are treated like shit, which is also strangely getting more and more widespread in porn since 50 Shades of Grey, which is also a success amongst women…

        I wouldn’t like to be a woman in 5 years from now…

        1. I doubt you know much about the BDSM community. If you did, you would know that it is not simply treating women like shit. Porn does not exemplify real sexual encounters and as a result has lead the majority of the American culture to be naive and ignorant about sex. BDSM is about a power exchange, and for as much pain and humiliation that is administered there is also a great amount of care taken as not to cause permanent physical or mental harm to a partner.

          Feminism is about equality. It is about having our place beside men as their equal, which should have never not been the case from the beginning. We deserve the same rights, and treatment, and that is what feminism is fighting for.

          I wouldn’t like to be you 5 years from now… your cranium will be logded so far up your colon that I fear it won’t be able to be removed.

          1. You’re clearly not smart enough to realize that you contradict yourself and your own post.

            No matter the reasons men and women are not equal, wether based on biological fact (women like to be submissive to dominant males) or cultural fact (gender construct based on stereotype about men being the dominant and women the sub), BDSM is just to completion or even perversion of this unequally: I do happen to know about BDSM, for example on website such as Fetlife, there are 10x more submissive women and 10x more dominant male to take advantage of them, which in other words is nothing fancy or kinky but just exactly in the same order as classical sex stereotypes.

            So why would you deserve the same treatment?

            But that’s not the point of my comment, which was that feminism as a propaganda tool, completely destabilized and weakened the women mind into just accepting an even shittier place and destiny, and BDSM will be one of its tools, but first animal causes are the next BIG propaganda tool that will be used to even further the cognitive dissonance, hate and misanthropy of people, exactly like it happened a century ago, thanks exactly to the same people.

          2. um i dont think we should base our societal views around a porn website? but thats just me

          3. Some men are just bitter because resent the fact that they are made to feel guilty about the fact that for such a long time women were treated as second class citizens (and still have some way to go in many cases and in many places). So they try to deny it. To all such guys, I say FUCK YOU. It shows cowardice and lack of integrity on your part.

      2. Feminist are stupid. I’m a girl and I don’t need angry “rebels” to show their naked boobs in front of church to got the same right as mens. (BTW I’m a technician and a work inside a nuclear power plan).

        1. Feminism is NOT stupid. Anyone who fights for what they believe is smarter than someone who stand for nothing. The biggest mistake of your life will be to not stand up. (BTW a cleaning technician in a nuclear power plant is still a janitor)

          1. Oh god yes it’s stupid. You can fight to show that womens are equals to mens by doing the same thing as them. I’m standing up every morning to do my job, and I’m the only girl inside the workshop and I don’t have to show my boobs or to do a street protest to get equality. (BTW I’m actualy not cleaning anything, I’m the forewoman of a “team” [don’t know the english for “équipe”] and we work on the reactor. Well now, you’re the stupid one).

          2. If years ago women hadn’t done that street protest you wouldn’t be in your nuclear power plan or be able to wear jeans, smoke and so on, so please think twice before saying something like that. You can state that you don’t approve those girls showing their boobs to get equality (in your oppinion) but saying that feminist are stupid just makes a fool of yourself.

          3. Yeah I’m okay with this… But it was the past and there were a fucking canyon between mens and womens right.
            Femenist are stupid because they are like “OMG we want the same right as mens! We needs to rpoves that girls can do this thing or this thing” and that’s stupid because we don’t have to prove anything nowdays.
            So please think think twice before telling me that.

          4. Do you know why they did it at all? Some men thought they need more obedient workers who pay taxes.

          5. except the whole problem is that women can’t do the same thing as men because of sexism? women are denied job opportunities and are sexually harassed everyday? they encounter unfair treatment and taxes just for them being female. maybe the reason women are protesting shirtless is because they shouldnt be ashamed of their bodies? and they’re tired of getting put on the back burner and need attention just to make their voices heard

          6. I have a lot of job opportunities in male domains, I never had sexual harassment and if there’s, I will go to see my boss and to applys the laws.
            Nice argument, so I have to do porn if I’m ashamed of my body? Please… Search for the French “Odessa”, she’s a smart girl who is doing smart feminist action.

          7. Seriously, you can assert that thanks to your positive experience and your fortune; but here in Italy, for example, the situation is really different. We’re underpayed and underemployed, our salary is from 20% to 50% lower than men’s, and when we search a job they always prefer a man because “a woman can get pregnant” (quote really said), whether you want a child or not. Also, the Italian women’s better preparation has emerged from Istat analyses, so this underemployment is not a question of meritocracy. Speak only for yourself.

          8. eodm is probably what I consider a real women who deserve the respect feminist propagandist are desperately crying for although their propaganda will have the reverse impact.

            Instead of growing up from 7 to 47 with the same feminine magazines bullshit which rationalizes the micro-micro-issues about “how if a men look at you at this exact angle he’s probably a rapist that you shouldn’t address directly but instead use passive agressive comment saying still not an invitation”….she probably studied, worked hard, got interested in the actual important topic men have struggle, fought for or philosophize about for centuries, to get there.

            I’m not a surprised that a real woman would know that todays feminist is nothing but propaganda, is not just stupid but dangerous for women, and sadly show by its success why this propaganda actually works and is nothing but another proof that most women are still not intellectually equal to most men.

          9. You sir, are the reason feminism still exists!
            “that most women are still not intellectually equal to most men”
            mummy didn´t love you ?

          10. People are so fucking stupid…they don’t even understand they word they read and use.

          11. I’m well versed in social theory, which includes the many waves (and aspects) of feminism. I’m also fairly well versed in manners, and refuse to engage in conversation with a person who uses hostile debate tactics. (1) It’s abusive, and I refuse to subject myself to such treatment — (2) — No matter what I say, you won’t listen. You just want to “win” by being a bully. It’s called the Dunning-Kruger phenomenon.

            Because I only engage in open, honest discourse, I will bow out of this conversation.

            Anybody interested in learning about feminism OUTSIDE of what the media has taught us, I can recommend some books. Drop me a line on Twitter — CL_Pants.

            Much love.

          12. the only person who does not understand the words they are reading and using is you Augure. I suggest you return to your dark cave.

          13. For sure! But a real feminist, not the ones that are in the streets! And that’s making a hudge difference…

        2. Intelligent women like you are why we should destroy feminism before it does more harms to women as a whole, and men in a second hand.

          Women like you don’t deserve the terrible impact the feminist propaganda will have in a few years on the perception and status of women.

          1. I’ll never understand the reason why people think that fights for equality and animals rights are personal offenses. I mean, if you treat women badly and like to torture animals, it’s a personal offense, but if you don’t you should support it. Just saying…

          2. I do, that’s why I’m against these PROPAGANDA video, what don’t you understand for fuck sake?

            Or aren’t you smart enough to understand what I’m talking about?

          3. I’m with you feminism is the wrong way, now actually the women have more power its unbalanced again i mean whats with the guys that got to jail because some girls were angry and said he touched me no one ever listened to the mans story in that chase, we need to find a way to make both male and females equal without any party under, and sorry for my bad grammar at all not my primare language

        3. Were they stupid when they were fighting for you to have the vote? Are they stupid in India when they’re campaigning against forced marriages? You should be ashamed of yourself for saying that. Just because some of them are idiots doesn’t mean you have to disown the whole cause.

          1. That’s not feminism in India. That’s just people fighting for their rights. For me there’s nothing in common between those girls in India (I traveled in India twice and I’ve talk to them) and those girl in France who are saying that girl’s can’t do the same thing as mens. I don’t know how is femenism in your contry, but inside mine, there’s just stupid girls saying stupid things and they are NEVER acting with something else than violence and provocation.

          2. Maybe… In fact I don’t consider this as feminist because I think that this are normal actions. Nowdays feminism isn’t the concept that you’re talking about… There’s a huuuuuuuuuuudge gap between actual “feminism” and womens that are fighting for their right.

      3. Don’t excuse yourself. I don’t believe in argumentation, smart people like eodm will get it, dumb people like you will “not understand” as you said yourself…

        However, even if I’m a man, the terrible impact feminist propaganda will have on women in a few years saddens me.

        1. eodm is simply a fortuned woman, that has never needed feminists to protect her. Feminists like Franca Viola, not sure like the idiots that “fight for the women’s rights” showing the boobs.

          1. In fact, these girls showing the boobs called Femen live next to my place and I visited them with a friend photographer of them.

            They are ancient prostitutes or escorts who are being paid by different “philanthropist” and lobbyist with the accomplice help of the government which gives them free quarter.

        2. “I don’t believe in argumentation”


          Then what are you trying to accomplish here by inciting conflict? You’ve already inputted as much as you could on the subject (which wasn’t much) and now you’re just repeating yourself. Do everyone a favor and just stop commenting, please. I think I’m losing brain cells by even trying to decipher the elitist bile you’re spouting.

    2. Explain the ‘destruction’ part. Real feminism is about equality. You can disagree with some ‘propaganda’ as you said, but you can’t say it is not necessary or you’re against it, cause that’s too ignorant.

        1. Don’t worry. “Equality” doesn’t mean that we want to use violence against men, deny your right to vote, rape you in wars, mutilate your genitals, killing you for adultery, go against same education or salary…

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