Amazing Staircases Beautified by Artists From Around the World


Although we’re used to seeing street art appear on the walls and buildings of our cities, more recently artists have started colouring the stairs that we walk on every day. When painted, public stair art is a stunning and unexpected canvas for portraits, geometric patterns, and intricate mosaics. Each rise of a step is one fraction of a larger image. When viewed at the base of the staircase, the individual elements come together for an awe-inspiring effect.

We put together our favourite coloured staircases from around the world. What’s your favorite?

stair-art-kevin-lowry-seoul-south-korea work-of-art-stairs-2 work-of-art-stairs-3 work-of-art-stairs-03 work-of-art-stairs-4 work-of-art-stairs-5 work-of-art-stairs-6 work-of-art-stairs-7 work-of-art-stairs-8 work-of-art-stairs-9 work-of-art-stairs-10 work-of-art-stairs-11 work-of-art-stairs-12 work-of-art-stairs-13 work-of-art-stairs-14 work-of-art-stairs-15 work-of-art-stairs-16 work-of-art-stairs-17 work-of-art-stairs-18

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