An Anonymous Student Surprised Their Entire High School with Over 1,500 Handmade Valentine Cards

An anonymous student at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio surprised hundreds of his or her fellow students by leaving beautifully folded origami hearts on every locker for Valentine’s Day.

The school posted a picture of the kind-hearted teenager’s work in a post on Facebook, preserving the do-gooder’s anonymity without even a gender pronoun to clue anyone in as to their identity.

Every single locker got a folded heart with a message on it that said, simply, “you are loved.”


  1. One anonymous student from Troy High School in Ohio made sure no one felt lonely on Valentine's day


  2. The student hung over 1,500 colourful origami hearts all carying a simple but powerful message


  3. This pupil was secretly making them since September


  4. Numerous high schools across the nation were similarly inspired to spread the love:


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