An Iguana Photobombs a Woman’s Picture in One Giant Leap

Animal photobombs are the best kind of photobombs. The evidence at this stage is overwhelming. Take for example here and here.

Anyway, it turns out iguanas are good at photobombing, too. Take a look at this majestic proof, captured recently in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and shared on Instagram by photographer Tammy Ricks.

That image has since been shared on Reddit’s r/pics sub, where it’s been upvoted around 94,000 times.

Who knew iguanas could be such graceful beasts?

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Leaping lizards! I was photobombed by an iguana while in Puerto Rico🦎 And my photo went viral on Reddit and IMGUR! Leave a comment on how you found me! Captured by @haveapassion #iguana #photobomb #lizard #elmorro #sanjuan #laperla #fort #ocean #photooftheday #puertorico #igtravel #instagood #photooftheday #wanderful #wanderlust #roadlesstraveled #travelgram #travel #discoverpuertorico #iguanaphotobomb #samsung

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