Paper Hats, Whimsical Portraits of the Once Discarded

This creative dog portrait series encourages viewers to think differently about rescue animals.

It has been two years since the original Paper Hats series was first unveiled and Washington D.C. pet photographer, J.B. Shepard, continues to amaze with his surreal photos of dogs.

Creative Pet Art with an Important Message

Paper Hats features an adorable cast of canine subjects wearing elaborate costumes made from upcycled post consumer paper products. Baroque inspired ruff collars, colorful top hats, stetsons, and steam punk style goggles have viewers wondering what curious costumes this critically acclaimed dog photographer will create next and has left many fans pondering what treasures may be lying at the bottom of their recycling bins.

All anyone needs to shine is a second chance!

Of course, this is no accident. The purpose of Paper Hats is to encourage viewers to look at their lives differently and appreciate that all any of us needs to shine is a second chance.

With rescue shelters packed now more than ever, the series and its message is unfortunately more relevant now than ever before.

Paper Hats will be on display throughout the spring at Scratch and Sniff Pet Supplies (3336 Paper Mill Rd, Phoenix, MD ). The opening reception, scheduled for March 22nd from 4PM – 7PM is open to the public. Admission is free and dogs are welcome. 

Buy Some Art, Save a Life

Proceeds from Paper Hat art sales benefit Bella’s Bully Buddies, a 501c3 nonprofit all volunteer operated pit bull rescue and dog foster organization.

Prints may be purchased from or by contacting the Puptrait Studio directly.


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