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As you may have noticed, we have a new logo. Actually, we have a whole new website. Go check it out at To celebrate the launch of our new site and just for a few laughs, we thought we’d put our new brand in the hands of some of our friends on Instagram and the peeps on  the intriguing, and very addictive, While it may be a struggle to consider some of the results fine art, we are pretty stoked with the return we got on our investments.

What can we say. If your logo looks good painted on the back of a naked woman then things must be heading in the right direction.

These beautiful dogs new exactly what they were doing. Strange they chose to do it all while walking backward. Weird.

Now here’s a throwback to our childhood. The good ol’ Etch-a-Sketch. And this video doesn’t seem to involve any camera tricks. It’s just the output of one very talented knob twister.

artFido sketch

This guy looks a little like he should be chasing a pesky running bird around the deserts of New Mexico, not helping us sell art online.

Don’t ask. Just enjoy. This one just makes us feel happy.

artFido rock

Our new logo is here to stay. So this talented digital artist set it in stone. Clever.

If Michael Bay were directing “artFido – the movie”, the opening credits would look a little like this. Then everything would explode.

What do you get when you mix a steady hand and some intriguing foreign music? This.

Oh the nineties. How we miss you so. This is just perfect.

Coffee anyone? If you like this one, you can see more of Maria’s work here.

A little brush. A lot of talent. This is just fun. Credit:

When you paint with sand, you gotta go big, or go home. Or at least that’s what we assume with this artist’s choice of music. Credit:

And last but never least, a little stop motion photography. Love going old school. Credit:

Check out our new identity and website in all their glory at, a website dedicated entirely to the sale of art.

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!

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