Women’s Bodies Captured In Stunning B&W ‘Bodyscapes’

‘Bodyscapes’ is the latest series by photographs Anton Belovodchenko. The featured women show surprisingly flexibility, contorting their bodies in various ways. Black and white photography strips away color, leaving only gray skin and dark shadows, accentuating every bone, muscle and wrinkle. It’s a sculpture in flesh.

Traditionally, bodyscapes is a photography genre of taking pictures of the human body as if it was landscape. Belovodchenko, who comes from Novosibirsk, makes his own maps from the shapes of the female form.

In a world where what is considered a ‘normal’ female body shape is a hot topic, it will be interesting to see the reaction to this series. Of course the female body comes in all shapes and sizes, including slim and athletic ones…

What do you think?


















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    1. Just because you’re used to fat bodies and a slave to political correctness, it doesn’t mean that all bodies will be like the unhealthy ones you are used to. Go look to the bodies of female runners, tennis players, soccer players, volleyball, lots of them are like that, strong, muscular and beautiful for real, not in a “let’s say it’s beautiful to sound nice” way.

    2. They are not underfed, this is how a body of a healthy trained person looks. You are just used to the overfed female form that has become normal especially in the U.S.

    3. Women’s bodies can be a bit deceptive. Women can look a lot skinnier than a man, yet have a much higher body fat percentage than a man.
      The essential body fat for a man, is 2-5% and for a woman it’s 10-13%.
      Athletes tend to be around 6-13% for men, and 14-20% for women. And these are very toned individuals too. 20% for men, is almost at Obese ( 25%). Yet, it’s on the edge of toned for women.

      Women can have a much higher body fat, yet look a lot thinner. These women are NOT underfed….
      Not only all of this. But also, this is in greyscale. They look thinner because of the greyscale and the way that their bodies are bending.
      They are thin, in greyscale and stretching with the camera taking the photo on the stretched side. It’s very calculated…. Most toned people will look like this if you do the same thing.

    4. Also. America is one out of almost 200 Countries. And you’re one of the most Obese Countries in the entire world.
      Judging body standards by American standards is just setting up for disaster. Different Countries and cultures have different eating habbits.
      Our bodies are incredibly adaptive. You’re usually fine unless you’re Obese or anorexic.
      There’s nothing dangerous about being skinny.

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