Bijan Soltani artFido 3

artFido’s featured artist – Bijan Soltani

Bijan Soltani artFido 3

artFido’s featured artist for this month is Bijan Soltani. Born in Kerman/Iran in 1986, Bijan now lives in Perth, Australia, working full time as an architecture visualiser and Revit modeler, and part time as a character/environment designer & animator. In his spare time he manages to put together some amazingly complex and striking pieces of art that we are happy to feature prominently on the artFido homepage.

Bijan Soltani artFido 4

Picking the Pomegranate currently for sale on artFido


Beginning his career as a traditional cartoonist in 2000, Bijan soon found his passion in the digital world. Taking influences from politics, poetry, and architecture, his work can be both both engaging and disturbing.  In his piece “Stalin and Putin Mask” we see Stalin settling into bed, holding a Putin mask tenderly. Looking closer at this surreal scene we see the feet of Stalin’s victims hanging from the ceiling. A strong statement against the Russian despot that contrasts strongly with another of Bijan’s pieces, “Love, Wind and the Woman”. This piece, while also beautifully crafted, is awash with warmth and color and gives a feeling of joy and serenity, absent political overtones or deeper, unsettling themes.

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Stalin and Putin Mask currently for sale on artFido


It’s hard to click past Bijan’s work. With obvious skill and passion, he crafts interesting scenes that draw the eye and excite the mind. We’re excited to see what else he has in store.

To see all of Bijan’s art currently for sale on artFido, click here.

Bijan Soltani artFido 2

Love, Wind and the Woman currently for sale on artFido


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