Puppies and Kittens Have Imaginative Adventures With Household Objects

Now here’s an ultimate explosion of cuteness: a creative advertising campaign, that features both adorable puppies and kittens! Titled Life is Adventure, the photos series portray little fellows embarking on various adventures, set up from props on the ground. Created by graphic designer and art director Marek Farkas and photographer Miro Minarovich, the series was created as part of Hill’s pet food advertising campaign. Marek said this turned out to be one of the most appreciated projects from the clients’ side.

The concept of the series is based on the idea of safe adventures at home – this is why you see these cute pets becoming sailors, riding camels, or flying hot air balloons at the safety of their home environment. Although technically the idea for such set up is not entirely new, there is no way you could ignore how joyful and cute this execution is. The project was inspired by the work of Slovak photographer Miro Švolík, who would experiment with this creative solution in mid-nineties. Rush of good emotions guaranteed!

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