artFido’s North American Artist Showcase is Back!


It’s here again! And this time we’ve partnered with Professional Artist, one of the worlds’ most respected artists magazines, to make it even bigger.

The Showcase is open to artists from Canada, USA and Mexico. All you need to do to submit, is list a piece of art on That’s it. No need to create anything new. Just take a photo of the art your most proud of, and you’re good to go. Entries are now open and will close on 28 February 2016. Each week during the course of the Showcase, we will select one artist and then feature their work across our huge social network. And when we say huge, we mean the biggest art-related social network in the world. We’ve got over 1.3 million fans on Facebook and 660k on Instagram alone!

Click HERE to see the current entries!


Jerry Chacon won our last North American Artist Showcase. Here is the image he chose to feature in Professional Artist magazine.

At the end of the Showcase (with the help of a panel of experts from Professional Artist) we’ll select one artist to feature in the magazine and 5 artists to be heavily promoted on our blog and social networks.


Professional Artist is best described as “the artist’s guide to making it,” and is the only subscription-driven, business-oriented magazine published specifically for visual artists.

This is an opportunity to get your art in front of millions! So what are you waiting for? Submit today!


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