Artist Creates Fantastical Felted Backpack That Looks Like You’re Wearing a Pair of Wings

When we were growing up, we wanted to be two things: a fairy and absolutely anything that could fly.

Now that we’re a bit older we still wish we could fly, and although it’s not possible quite yet, we can pretend to have wings thanks to Volha Kotova. The Belarus-based artist has crafted backpacks that look like a pair of wings have sprouted from the wearer’s back. This fantastical accessory will transform anyone sporting it from a mere mortal into a winged hero.

These unique bags are constructed with felted sheep’s wool that’s assembled to look like layers of feathers. The textured, scalloped pieces have an incredible volume and visual weight, and the tiered technique only adds to their realistic quality. It’s as if they could open at any moment and flutter away.

Scroll down to see them in full flight!


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