Photographer Shows The Contrast Between The Two Worlds That We Currently Live In By Combining Photos

Hello, I'm Uğur and I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm trying to show the important issues the world is facing, such as social injustice and war, by putting two pictures side-by-side within a single frame. By doing this, I want to demonstrate the contrasts between the two different worlds we live in.

I started my first parallel universe work on a news story. I started to see fear and despair in the eyes of refugee children trying to go to Europe. I think we don't know anything about war, famine, etc. Today, you may be peaceful, but as long as these problems continue, you will be exposed to these problems.  As an artist, I believe that art is the master of all languages. For long, art has been used to create awareness that helps in awakening the communities.

I wanted to show the difference between developed and underdeveloped countries. The message I want to convey through my work is versatile. Developed countries live in luxury, peace and waste, but I would like to remind them that people in the underdeveloped countries live in pain, hunger and war. I also wanted to remind the underdeveloped countries that they could find a better government and education and they can be as strong and peaceful as the developed countries. I want to show the problems of the modern world, greed, injustice.

I use the visuals of photojournalists who work under extreme conditions from all over the world. I thank you for the intense support from around the world. I want to present my new pieces.

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  1. Chris Twells

    Its an awful world to live in, when a government can cause an illegal war against faceless terrorists and decimate whole populations rather than just assassinate said individuals.Much like going to a doctor and saying you’re not happy….instead the doctor gives you drugs to deal with this utterly ill society rather than helping you Either way law is broken. Stay awake people because otherwise you handed them the seat!

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