Artist Folds a New Paper Crane to Describe Each Day of the Year


Some people like to have a coffee everyday. Some people like to go for a run everyday.  Well artist Cristian Mariancius is a little different.  Following a bit of a quarter life crisis in 2014, he decided to create an origami paper crane every day as a unique personal journal.

According to Cristian, “As a result of a ‘quarter-life crisis’ and of the sinking feeling that days were passing me by without being able to create new memories or make use of my creativity, and drawing inspiration from the amazing story of Sadako Sasaki, and her quest to fold 1000 paper cranes in order to be granted a wish—my origami journal was born.”

Since the artist’s origami journey began, he’s created 314 paper cranes. Each work of paper art is designed so that it mirrors the type of day Marianciuc is having. Aside from the cranes serving as a visual memory, the artist’s pieces also demonstrate the power of one’s imagination. Some cranes incorporate the environment with flowers and feathers. Others utilize colored pencils, paint, wire, and complex folding techniques. This culminates in an origami series that’s as expressive as it is meaningful.

Crane1 Crane2 Crane3 Crane4 Crane5 Crane6 Crane7 Crane8 Crane9

Crane10 Crane11 Crane12 Crane14 Crane15 Crane16

Crane17 Crane18 Crane19 Crane20 Crane21 Crane22 Crane23 Crane24 Crane25

(via My Modern Met)

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