Stunning Photography Documents the Macro Details of Colorful Hummingbirds


Photographer Chris Morgan loves Hummingbirds and photography.  However as Hummingbirds are notorious for flapping their wings so incredibly fast that they create an audible hum and appear as a blur of feathers right before your eyes, they can be incredibly difficult to capture using photography.

Not to be deterred, during a trip to Costa Rica, the Scotland-based photographer demonstrated an incredible passion for documenting the unique birds through his lens.

“The hummingbirds were so tempting to photograph to the point of madness!” said Morgan. “It took a while to be able to get any shots of one. In the space of an hour I took nearly a thousand shots. A good proportion were excellent out of focus pictures of bushes with no birds to be seen! But I really felt my abilities improved over the hour. Nothing like a bit of practice.”

The results of Chris’ hard work has clearly paid off as evidenced by these spectacular images!



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