Artist Illustrates the Most Perfect Explanation of Privilege We’ve Ever Seen


New Zealand artist and illustrator Toby Morris has created a comic strip which can teach us an important lesson: that not everyone has the same opportunities in life. This is a short story about two people born into completely different families, whose members play contrasting roles in their children’s lives.

We think it’s well worth reading. What do you think?





’There is no such thing as a “self-made man”. We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the makeup of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success.’ George Matthew Adams, writer.

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  1. In The US…this is the reality of the elites who live in the Northeast and in California.

    The rest of the US…no matter what your race, religion or ethnicity…not so much. This cartoon is an insult to them.

    The rich in the Northeast and in California may feel this way…maybe this is why they attempt to project their guilt on the rest of the nation.

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