Artist Makes Eminem ‘Smile’ By Photoshopping His Pics And They Look Better Now

Marshall Mathers, otherwise known as Eminem, has fashioned his career as a serious, introspective figure that made us think more deeply about social and psychological issues such as poverty, inequality and addiction.

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    Mathers’ difficult upbringing is well-documented. This, combined with his angrier, more thoughtful demeanor, makes it understandable that he’s often seen in public with a neutral expression. I mean, it would be just odd if this furiously intense man was frequently pictured with a luxurious, beaming smile. Wouldn’t it?

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    Photoshop funster Mike Brown, whose Facebook intro is “make someone smile every day,” decided to test this theory and shared a cleverly curated collection of Eminem in various ‘before and after’ pics. The original photos portray the man as we know him best: smoldering, serious, straight-faced. The doctored pics give a startlingly different vibe, however,  with the addition of an outrageously cheesy grin creating an amusing but at times creepy look, reminiscent of the ‘Hide The Pain Harold‘ meme.

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    “I have always manipulated faces, it’s just funny to me,” Mike said“I always look for new manipulations, and ways to go about it. I came across a plugin that allows photoshop to scour the web for close matches.”

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    “Although I had some success, the results took too long to ‘get right,’ so I kept trying and trying different ways. I ended up buying an app on Google Play that did just the trick, in such a faster time frame. So I do a first edit in Photoshop, then I run it through the facetime app, apply a few filters to make the image seem real, and it’s done!’

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