Artist Makes Incredible Creatures Out of Driftwood


James Doran-Webb is an amazing British artist currently based in The Philippines.

James made his first foray into animal sculptures over 25 years ago with papier mâché, but five years later he began collecting pieces of driftwood and has now amassed a substantial collection that he forages through at his studio. Driftwood sculptures have since become James’ primary focus, art-wise. The artist puts great effort into conveying movement and bringing the inanimate to life which you can see in the amazing sculptures showcased below.

On his website James goes into detail about how he created some of his most popular artworks. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to learn more about the artist’s process.

For more incredible driftwood sculptures be sure to check out his website and Facebook page.

james-doran-webb-driftwood-animal-sculptures-2 james-doran-webb-driftwood-animal-sculptures-3 james-doran-webb-driftwood-animal-sculptures-4 james-doran-webb-driftwood-animal-sculptures-5

james-doran-webb-driftwood-animal-sculptures-6 james-doran-webb-driftwood-animal-sculptures-7 james-doran-webb-driftwood-animal-sculptures-8



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