Holes Drilled Into Coconuts Produces Stunning Lights


Artist Vainius Kubilius carefully crafts lamps that project visually exciting and exotic patterns of light on adjacent walls. Unlike your typical light designer, Kubilius doesn’t simply work with metals and manmade materials. Instead, this creative innovator incorporates coconuts into his products, which he designs under the label Nymphs. “The head of the lamp is made out of coconut,” Kubilius tells us, “but after careful shaving, waxing, and drilling, it shines like some sort of jewel.”

It took Kubilius nine months to complete his first lamp, but he has since improved his technique and time efficiency. Now, it takes the artist only a few days to fully realize each of his creations. Despite his ability to compress the time needed for production, each lamp continues to demand the artist’s astute attention to detail, not to mention his skilled hand and keen eye for design. Kubilius tells us that designing light patterns is even harder than preparing coconuts as lamp heads. “Not all light patterns look good,” he explains in an email to My Modern Met. “By creating many of them I learned what looks best and what people enjoy the most.” Ultimately, he admits, “I want people who turn my lamp on in the evenings to feel like they’re in a magical place surrounded by a unique and relaxing atmosphere. Nymphs’s lamps create a small oasis in every interior.”









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