Artist Shows Us How to Make Your Kid a Cardboard Knight in Armor

Don’t throw away your cardboard boxes just yet. Warren King shared this amazing process on Flickr of fashioning a full suit of cardboard armor for his 6-year-old son.

With creativity and ingenuity, King created each body part out of smaller cardboard cutout pieces creating arms, legs, a breastplate and a helmet. His 15th-century inspiration required several smaller cutouts to allow more flexibility while in the suit.

Aside from cardboard, King also used basic supplies like hot glue, paint, elastic bands, and Velcro.

The final step for the armor was to paint it black and silver to give it a cool metallic look. The armor was completed with a sword and shield for King’s son to jump into battle.

We’ve set out the step-by-step process for you below so find the kids and go find some cardboard!

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