Artist Takes Photos of Shelter Dogs Out Of Their Kennels To Help Potential Adopters Imagine Them In Everyday Scenarios

Imagine having to leave your home, your friends and family, and your everyday life behind. Imagine being thrown into a world full of strange people, unfamiliar smells and sounds, and surroundings. Imagine not knowing if you’ll ever see your family again…

That’s pretty much the experience that a rescue dog goes through when they arrive at a shelter. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding their arrival, they’ll probably be feeling confused, anxious, stressed out and completely overwhelmed!

So it’s no wonder that the shelter volunteers – who are already rushed off their feet feeding, cleaning and looking after all the animals in their care – can struggle to get good photos of the dogs that come through their doors. These incredible people dedicate their lives to the animals in their care, all with a limited budget, time and resources. There simply isn’t enough time in the day for photo shoots, especially when the dogs are probably feeling anxious enough already!

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