Photographer And Cat Lover Collates 60 Of The Funniest Dancing Cat Pics

Cats are enigmatic creatures that love having us on the edge of our seats, waiting for their next bravado. Although not yet famous for their dancing skills, rumor has it they are ever so eagerly aiming for the stars, as you shall soon see.

Historically, many cultures have had their values embodied in various dance forms and rituals. Dance is one of the most important expressions of a worldview for people and animals alike. And while peacocks dance to woo their ladies, cats do it because they know they dance better than humans.

"What are you talking about" we hear you say?! Well we thought the same thing, until we came across Seattle based photographer Adrian Richard's dancing cat collection. Yes, there is such a thing as a dancinig cat collection.  

Scroll down to see the best of Adrian's collection. The question is, can you spot the fine line between 'startled accidents' and genuine talent?


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