Artist Turns Everyday Objects Into Playful Characters


With a creative eye, the casual observer can espy characters or faces in the everyday objects all around us. French artist Gilbert Legrand takes this a step further by painting and otherwise modifying totally mundane objects to turn them into cute characters and give them new life.

Legrand lets his active imagination soar by painting small details onto these everyday objects to help us see them the way he does. With the addition of a face and maybe some arms and legs, a paintbrush can become a mangled fox, a hinge can become a shady salesman, and a juicer becomes a woman emerging from a pool.

Hopefully, Legrand’s wildly imaginative creations will help you find the fun characters hidden all around you!

everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-2 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-4 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-5

everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-6 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-7 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-16 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-20 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-24 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-81 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-91 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-101 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-111 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-121

everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-131 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-141 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-151 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-181 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-212 everyday-object-sculptures-gilbert-legrand-221

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