Artist Turns Her Boring Toilet Into A Magical Place

Artist Roza Khamitova recently completed her latest series Shovava, which involved creating countless numbers of drawings and paintings.  There were so many of them, they were barely fitting under her bed.

So she decided to put them to use by transforming her toilet. Deciding not to overthink it, she simply glued bits and pieces all over the place. After she glued them on, she “connected” the drawings with more drawings on top. According to Roza, the hardest part was dealing with constantly bubbling paper and varnish that would smudge the ink (oh the horror!). But after drawings were sealed, she said it became easy to fix them and keep on layering that varnish.

In the end, she transformed what is usually a dull but nonetheless important room into something more creative.

Scroll down and let us know if you like the end product!


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