Artist Turns The World’s Biggest Clowns Into Actual Clowns

In a world filled with clowns running things and clown like behaviour occurring on a daily basis, Texas artist Tony Pro has taken it one step further: turning the world’s clowns into real clowns by painting them in Victorian-era dress and adding a simple red nose.

While Tony loves to paint villainous and evil clowns, there’s also a smattering of funny clowns. Bill Murray and Robin Williams are two of our favorites.

We’re a little bit afraid of clowns but we’re still totally in love. Who’s your favorite clown?

1. Robin Williams

2. Bill Murray

3. Charlie Sheen

4. Vladimir Putin

5. Kim Kardashian 

6. Will Ferrell

7. Hilary Clinton

8. Donald Trump

9. Hulk Hogan


Click on the following works to watch them come to life:

It's amazing the #emotion this app brought to my #robinwilliams #painting. #riprobinwilliams

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