Woman Outs Street Harrassment and Catcallers by Taking Selfies With Them

Catcalling and street harassment – it’s likely only something women experience – but it’s a real and often terrifying problem and it happens all over the world.

When Noa Jansma had enough of being catcalled as she walked to her university in Amsterdam each day, she decided to highlight and denounce the problem by taking selfies with the catcalling creep and uploading the images with their accompanying catcall onto her instagram account called dearcatcallers.

Noa explains that she was not able to take pictures every time she got catcalled, sometimes not feeling safe enough to do so. She also explained that if these men did not refuse the selfie, it was likely because they did not feel that what they were doing was wrong.

She has now completed this experiment, and wants to spread the message to other girls, in other cities, to continue the experiment in an attempt to end this behaviour.

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