Artists Create Kitchen Out of Knitted and Crocheted Yarn


Fifty artists spent seven months combining yarn crafts with the décor of yesteryear to create this truly original piece: a crocheted kitchen. The cozy scene includes a table set with Thanksgiving dinner, a sink with counter space, a stove range, a refrigerator, a China cabinet and an assortment of wall decorations. Of course, each item is covered with yarn — from the salt and pepper shakers to the telephone to the lamp shade. The artists engaged a variety of techniques including knitting, crocheting, felting and weaving to achieve the masterpiece. They took some creative license and got inventive when improvising the eclectic kitchen’s details. For example, a white yarn tassel that hangs from a yarn-wrapped faucet simulates a spray of water.

The project is on display at Warwick Art Gallery in Queensland, Australia, as part of the city’s Jumpers and Jazz art festival. Gallery director Karina Devine says the project is a bold take on a global trend: yarn bombing, or knitting and purling sweater-like wraps for inanimate objects. “Yarn bombing is an international phenomenon,” she says. “This wasn’t about going out in the middle of the night and whacking something up on a fencepost. This was carefully planned.”










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