Artist Paints World Leaders on the Toilet…


Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Italian artist Cristina Guggeri comes along and blows it out of the water with her latest series called Il Dovere Quotidiano, or “The Daily Duty”. In this series, Guggeri sets out to ‘humanize’ the world’s leaders by imaging what they might look like on the toilet.

And she’s got the interwebs all aflutter. “Disrespectful”, “unnecessary”, “awesome”, “just plain wrong”, “hilarious”, etc, etc.  Irrespective of your personal opinion, this controversial series has started a conversation about art.  And when it comes down to it, this is what art is all about…

Let us know what you think about Guggeri’s work in the COMMENTS section below.










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  1. I’m the Founder of World Toilet Organization. I’d like to help the artist promote Toilets as the Great Universal Equaliser.
    You can’t choose not to pee and poo.
    We want to shine the light on the plight of 2.4 billions without proper sanitation with new language through the arts.
    My email is [email protected]

  2. Back to the “art”, ok? I recognize this from early on in my teens when faced with a bad case of nerves and facing a speech in front of any group. Standard advice from seasoned speakers…”focus on anyone in the crowd and imagine them sitting on a toilet seat” Later, the hoi-paloi could always be humanized by imagining them doing what comes naturally to us all. Hurrah for the wonderful depiction with artistry of just this!!

  3. OMFG !!!! Holy Crapppp – What is Missing in This Picture ??? ….. NO Toilet Paper – Bwhahahaha !!! – The Artist forgot to add a role of Toilet Paper fpr The Pope ! – I guess the Holy Father – Dosent Poop … He Just pretends to ! – Hey They even have one with Queen Elizabeth – Too Much Information – but Still – Funny as Hell !!!!!

  4. I luv these paintings, they r very “real life”! This artist is extremely talented! I’d luv 2 have 1 made of myself. But I’d hide it, so when I die & they have 2 go thru my stuff, they’d find it & probably be so embarrassed!! ;-) LOL

  5. Human rights is state of convenience only used to suit certain groups to Ridicule gain Fame and above all make Money. When many others fight for Respect in what they believe they are labelled, too Sensitive,Radicals and Theorists.

  6. No matter how important you think You are,- You will always have something in common with the rest of the world.. (Just not Kim Jong Un.. He doesn’t take a shit at all,) :D

  7. If this is what’s remaining from ART today…. we should just call it ‘Shit’ and immediately flush it down the toilet. Artists start succumbing to stupidity.Quo vadis ART?

  8. Obama: I am presenting my state of the Union
    Queen Elizabeth: We are not amused… until you get a whiff
    Pope: Holy Shit!
    Dali Lama: I have shit the same shit here before
    Angela Merkel: I just made a Merkel
    Berlusconi: I seem to be having trouble passing this Berlus-pepperoni
    Putin: Here I sit, Broken Hearted, tried to shit…only Putin
    Netanyahoo: Rhymes with look at my poo

    1. youre joking right? photoshop isnt just for chopping photos up you know. panting on photoshop takes just as much skill as painting with real paint, and these have been done very well…. i study automotive design so i use photoshop for painting on a daily basis.

      1. Wow. You take the price for worst comment so far my friend, also you get the price for stupidest name choice to (did that hurt).
        How can Israelis and Jews be so damn blind.
        You guys are truly the scum of the earth when it comes to politics and human rights.. its so sad actually and hella funny in the same way that its only, and I mean ONLY, you guys that cannot see what the rest of mankind can see. You guys Suck, yeah, you really do. And one day you will open your eyes and see what the rest of us sees; You stole the land, you massacred a people, you killed their children, and you did this fully aware of it.. So eat shit bro.. just Eat shit.

        1. The Jews are the scum of the Earth when it comes to human rights? HAHA go back to school (assuming you went to begin with). Here is a very short list (that includes many more nations within the past 100 years) of comparisons:

          Syria: responsible for 250,000 mainly CIVILIAN deaths

          Nigeria: responsible for 1 million CIVILIAN deaths
          North Korea: responsible for 2 million CIVILIAN deaths
          Sudan: responsible for 2.25 million CIVILIAN deaths
          Cambodia: responsible for 3 million CIVILIAN deaths
          Israel: responsible for 65,000 deaths since its inception (43,000 of which are military casualties of war mainly in ’48, ’56, ’67, ’73, and ’82.

          I don’t expect a reply because guess what, numbers don’t lie. And, your name says it all. Thanks for showing your extreme prejudice.

          1. More like, 65000 deaths and 5 million people expelled from their homes through the course of Israel’s wars. Other countries with such tallies of human rights violations don’t get to be on as friendly terms with the West.

    1. Fuck off Gill. Must every thing b political. Wat og the rockets from Hamas . If Hamas was in a position to attack Israel effective, they world have killed every body in Israel. So fuck off

    2. Fuck off Gill. Must every thing b political. Wat of the rockets from Hamas . If Hamas was in a position to attack Israel effective, they would have killed every body in Israel. So fuck off

      1. Hahahaha come on now Mike relax. You know, everybody knows that Israel stole the land from the arabs, why are you so chocked about the “big-scary-5$-rockets” from Hamas when you have the 13 Trillion $ iron dome…? You know this Mike, You know this like the whole world knows this, Israel is a Warcriminal, land stealing, children murderer, etc etc. Read all about it. And Hell YES Gill goes political when the pictures are World Leaders/Politicians no? Idiots. Go home Mike you’re drunk. And also, you are a jew so you are not only drunk, you are a part of an apartheid regime.

        1. What the fuck? So anyone who is jewish is in agreement with Israel and is a part of an apartheid regime. Fuck you Hamlet! You’re really not making a good argument here.

          I detest the actions of Israel but I am jewish and they are many of us out there. Try making a distinction between being Jewish and being Israeli or Zionist for that matter.

        2. “stole the land from the Arabs? Everybody knows? No they don’t. read your history. Know what really happened before you open your Jew-hating mouth

          1. The area that became Israel had a large Arab population before the 1948 war. Afterward, Israel forcibly prevented the great majority of that Arab population from continuing to live there, and continues to do so until this day, and has made it clear it won’t let it return home even under a full and final peace treaty with the entire Arab world. Those are the people commonly referred to as Palestinian refugees.

            You’re right, Israel didn’t steal land from Arabs. Theft implies stealth. What Israel did was rather armed robbery.

          2. mmmm. Cant STEAL the land that GOD GAVE THEM. The chosen people. But they can reject the very God (Creator) and thus incur the wrath of God one way or another….Anyway the whole planet earth BELONGS to GOD and ALL the people in it. so Newsflash.. Even your and my life doesn’t belong to us either. Its the Lords ! Either we live as we were created to live (Thats OUR CHOICE). Point though… if we CHOOSE to live a godless life it simply wont work.. Thus wars and strife will continue till Jesus comes back. Even if you don’t believe all this .. At least read the BIBLE with an open mind and heart. All will be revealed. Its Jolly Exciting too. May even turn out to be your destiny for Eternal Joyous Magical Life :-) :-)

          3. Correction: Your religion says that God gave the Jews the land, and thus you support the expulsion of the Palestinians from it. It would seem, then, that it would be rational for the Palestinians to conclude that you and those who share your religious views, as well as those Jews who happen to agree with you, are evil and need to be fought and resisted. Maybe even exterminated to prevent you once and for all from ever working your evil on them again.

            Speaking of the Bible and the wrath of God, one thing the Bible makes pretty clear is that the fortunes of the Jews depend on how well they adhere to their covenant with God, and that bad things like successful invasions by foreign powers happens when they don’t. As it happens, Israel is more secular and less Jewishly observant than any previous Jewish state. If the Bible were true, Israel would currently be a smoldering wasteland, and Hamas be busy having victory parades on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.

          4. Did I mention anything about Religion ? I’m talking of YOUR creator. God …. Period. Choose not to believe. Choose your destiny as I said. It is written and is finished. Only Man himself can choose. Pointless debating this. Its your truth that is waiting for you to discover. Maybe you reading this may get you to read a bible if you haven’t already :-)

            If not then at least try and live in peace. Arabs included equally.

            The wrath of God will be unleashed AFTER his return as we live under grace as I said. In the meantime Love your neighbour. Note I said wrath of GOD not man so your…….

            ” as well as those Jews who happen to agree with you, are evil and need to be fought and resisted. Maybe even exterminated to prevent you once and for all from ever working your evil on them again ” is an attitude and mindset of Man that is pretty pathetic don’t you think.

            Considering that Jews are OUR brothers like it or not. Love OUR Neighbour Dude and Read the Bible.. You may get some answers.

            Ps I apologise that I may seem arrogant but I have seen in my own life miracles that only the power of God and the Holy Spirit can achieve.

            Forget Israel or Palestine or wealth or anything. You cant take it with you. Only your personal destiny is important. Keep your eyes on the Lord and you will live for eternity under his wing. God Bless

        3. Hamlet.. Please leave South Africa alone even with a legacy of apartheid. In the contest of this post it will surely more prudent to mention ” The Holocaust ” where a stateless people were exterminated. Yes No one wants to talk about that hey ! Apartheid wanes into insignificance with that comparison.. Just turn it around and we can effectively name the Anti-semites as .. ” The illegal majority racist anti Bible regime ” Never mind Googling and researching all this.. Simply read the bible where all of this is prophesised… Seriously Guys…. I mean it ! Jokes aside. Man will squabble fight and kill each other till the end. Pointless disputing it. So Ill leave you all with. ” IT IS WRITTEN” ( In the word of God himself ) and ” IT IS FINISHED ” ie Our sins Are forgiven past present and future by Jesus DYING on the cross for ALL OF US. In simple terms your Cheque of Eternal Life has been written and it is in the bank.. Just go and cash it. It aint difficult huh. Then live with Jesus in your heart and set an example by spreading Joy and love. Am CERTAIN the world collectively will never find peace.. BUT YOU WILL and with your God given peace and Joy flowing from you YOU be able to HELP someone who NEEDS you now. A Homeless Person in the Local Park or the Retirement Village or Hospital. ( Peace and Love) Lastly before you all reply with that I’m a religious Nut and this is not the forum blah blah. JUST READ THE BIBLE about what YOUR Creator said….

    3. What a load of twaddle. Why not consider the thousands of innocent Afghans killed by the Americans? The innocent Ukranians who had their homes stolen and were killed by the Russians? Or for once spare a thought for all those innocent young boys molested by priests in the Catholic Church? Obama, Putin and the Pope don’t get a special mention for the innocence they stole through their actions so why Netanyahu?

      I don’t like him and I don’t like his policies, in fact politically I disagree with almost his every move, but why do you single out the only Jewish state in the world for your own special brand of condemnation when so many world leaders are responsible for global atrocities on a daily basis?

      1. Shut up Meg. Because he is a cancer to world politics, thats why. “Jewish state”? do you hear your self think Emily_”black”.. its so frustrating reading “pro israel” comments always going “The whole world is wrong about Israel.”
        I do not blame bloodsucking vampyre “Bibi” I blame you guys for supporting him/them.. Do something for gods sake, you have youtube,Facebook,internet search on google Israel war on palestine/warcrime/massacre/Stoletheland/HistoryofPalestine, it can’t be that difficult.
        Until then, Shut up Meg.

          1. THIS is the evidence of a majestic inferiority complex. Keep on blaming every critic with jew-hate!

      2. It speaks volumes when Israel’s apologists’ knee-jerk response to everything is to accuse the accuser of “singling Israel out”. If Israel’s actions weren’t condemnable to begin with, it wouldn’t matter if it was singled out, its apologists could defend Israel’s actions as they are, without having to resort to pointing out how this or that other country is allegedly worse.

        1. Though they are human like everyone else and make mistakes, Israel’s actions are often times not condemnable. It happens to be that you have LARGE groups of deeply anti Semitic people under the guise of anti-Zionism. But that’s not even the point here. The point is the facts do matter. Stop dismissing the argument and saying “If Israel’s actions weren’t condemnable to begin with, it wouldn’t
          matter if it was singled out, its apologists could defend Israel’s
          actions as they are, without having to resort to pointing out how this
          or that other country is allegedly worse.” Like I said, no one is perfect. There is a conflict going on – everyone can agree on that. Naturally, there will be death. So unfortunately, yes, you do need to look to others for comparison. Israel has killed roughly 65,000 people (mainly Muslims) since its existence – 43,000 of which were military casualties in the ’48, ’56, ’67 and ’73 wars (it doesn’t help either that these wars were started by the Muslims). That leaves 22,000 total deaths in close to 70 years – close to half of which are “terrorist” figures (or “freedom fighter” depending on your definition of Hamas/Fatah fighters). Now, another point is – look at the initial commentor. 129 up likes (and growing) on the comment “Its unrealistic because Netanyahu doesnt have the blood of innocents on his hands in the painting.” Now post the same comment about Putin, Assad, Kim Jon Un, etc. and see how many up likes you get. 20? 30? These are people responsible for the murder of MILLIONS of people almost just for fun – not a few thousand which is the cause of a territorial dispute. Whether you want to live in a fantasy land or not, that is your prerogative. However, the fact remains is that there is DEEP underlying anti Israel and/or anti Semitism going on. The bias is so obvious a caveman can detect it.

          1. Npe nothing more to say to hamlet and others. They are just clueless idiots who nothing about the history of the area and rely on the rhetoric of the day.

          2. Doubling-down on the “Israel is signled out!” narrative, I see. The relative death toll is irrelevant. The morality of murderous actions doesn’t depend on how your total kill count compares to others. If you think so, perhaps you think Hitler should be exonerated because the death toll of the Holocaust is still lower than that of Stalin’s Red Terror. Or, perhaps the Tsarnaev Bros should be acquitted because their 3 kills are peanuts compared to Putin, Assad & co?

            Or, a thought experiment. What if none of those other wars were going on, and Israel’s 65,000 death toll really was the largest in the world? Would the condemnation then be valid? If so, that would imply that the morality of Israel’s actions would depend on the unrelated actions of others, not on its own, which is absurd.

          3. This is not what was implied in my post whatsoever. Let me keep it clear and simple: there is a conflict going on, a war. In war, people die. There is no war in the history of mankind where people did not die. So, again, people are going to die in war. Do you expect Palestinians to not get killed when Hamas lobs rockets at Israel? Answer me that. I won’t go on further; I just want to see you answer.

      3. Most of what you say except for the propaganda that Russia killed Ukrainians and stole there homes, in fact it was the Coup Zionist run Government who did this. No one else, its all lies, go to the Ukraine and ask.
        Now the people in the Ukraine are waking up to the evil Zionist Jew chocolate manufacturer thats running it, mayhem and attacks now happening and the police are using Tear Gas on there own side…..

    4. Oh what a load of nonsense. You really believe that stuff? Grow up will you? Would you say the same if Abbas was featured? What would be on his hands? On whose hands would be the blood of 6 million Jews from 19331 to 1945?

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