“Baaa-nksy” fleeces another field of Art and the results are shear genius

"Shepherd Baaa-nksy" literally pulled the wool over our eyes with this hilarious stunt.

New York street artist Adrian Wilson was visiting a friend’s sheep farm and was asked to add identifying marks on the new born lambs and their mothers with specially designed, non toxic marking spray. 

“The farmer has to mark each ewe and lamb with a matching identification number. But hand me a spray can and I am always going to do something a little more imaginative” says Wilson. Judge the results for yourself.

"Mutton Dressed as Lamb"

"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"


"Sheep Dog"

"Ewe Looking At Me?"

"Jean-Michel Baaaaasquait"

and of course, "Baaa-nksy"

And the sheep?

All the sheep and lambs in the photos are happy, alive and well thanks to their real life farmer - who now likes to be called "Shepherd Baaa-nksy".

The paint will be simply washed off by the wool making process, or should we say that the the art disappears as the sheep is buffed and the buyer is fleeced?



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