Designer Creates Gorgeous Font That Evolves As You Type With It

This being a digital age, our lives are suffused with fonts. Just about every word we read is set in a font crafted by an artist, a team of them, or even multiple generations of designers. But for the non-graphic designers among us, who mostly interact with font without a second thought, the medium’s possibilities may not seem particularly exciting.

Futuracha Pro is poised to change that.

Typing with Futuracha Pro, designed by graphic designer Odysseas Galinos Paparounis of Greek branding agency høly, is no static, predictable experience. That’s because the font responds to context, flipping between different letter designs depending on the makeup of a word. It’s chameleonic and mesmerizing to watch in action ― and the result can make anyone’s typing look like the work of a practiced designer. 


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