Family Sends Out The Most Awkward Christmas Cards You’ve Ever Seen For The Past 16 Years

If you thought your family was a bunch of weirdos, especially at Christmas, then wait until you see the Bergerons. Or at least their Christmas cards they have been creating for the past 16 years. “I can’t tell you if it was me or Laura who thought of it, or even if it evolved between the two of us joking back and forth, but somehow we came up with the idea to dress-up like different characters and make their holiday card for everyone we knew. It would be a way to show the people we loved that we were thinking about them during the holidays and also a way to make them smile amidst the chaos and stress of the season.”

Yup, you family has nothing on the Bergerons. Scroll down to see 16 years worth of awkwardness…



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