Photographer Works At The Airport And Captures Unique People From All Over The World

Mustafa Çankaya is a photographer from Istanbul who also works at Atatürk Airport.

He sees thousands of different faces passing by everyday, from every culture and every part of the world. It is like a treasure for a photographer like him! This inspired him to combine his passion for photography with his work at the airport and create a new project called “100 Faces 100 Countries”.

The project works like this: Mustafa walks around the transit section of the airport during his break trying to find the right face. The person that he decides to shoot has to be different in some way. It could be the hairstyle or the dress but the most important is the atmosphere between him and the participant.

He started the project in March 2018 and currently has taken 117 portraits from 77 different countries. He will continue with his project with the hope of having an exhibition of 100 different countries.

Scroll down to see some of his work and comment and upvote your favorites!

  1. 1 Gorana From Serbia


    Gorana was having a quick drink before her flight to Belgrade.


  2. 2 Freya From Scotland


    Freya studies Human Sciences at University of Oxford. She was flying to Kenya for her studies.


  3. 3 Jussi From Finland


    Jussi owns a tattoo studio in Helsinki. We met before his flight to Africa. He was going to have a long journey to the middle of the jungle.


  4. 4 Katirina From Bulgaria


    Katirina was on work & travel program at New Jersey with her friend. I met them on the way back to Bulgaria.


  5. 5 Sebastian From Poland


    Sebastian's last adventure was the trip to the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan. He climbed to the Peak Korzhenevskaya which is 7105 m high and it took him 8 days. He was there at the same time (13th August) when the helicopter crash happened and three Russian climbers and two Tajik pilots died in the accident.


  6. 6 Nicole From Ukraine


    Nicole is a tattoo artist from Odessa. She was starting a tour in Europe for tattoo lovers.


  7. 7 Indrė From Lithuania


    Indrė was heading to California to spend her summer there.


  8. 8 Sara From Tanzania


    Sara was in Barcelona for holidays. I really love the natural look in this picture.


  9. 9 Kavinthida From Thailand


    Kavinthida had holidays in Denmark. She had a very long layover.


  10. 10 Anja From Slovenia


    Anja is the third face from Slovenia and as you see Slovenians travel a lot! I’ll probably meet half of the country until the end of the project.




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