Fantastically Terrifying Baby Bed Recreates the Movie “Jaws”

Staten Island artist Joseph Reginella is a sculptor and toy designer a Toxic Teddies. He has just created an amazing Jaws themed crib for his infant nephew that makes it look like the little boy is on a boat and being attacked by a shark. Reginella’s crib design was based off of a drawing by Bob Hough.

Reginella had the idea while at work on another project. “At a shop Themendous, we made an airplane bed for some little kid in California, and I thought it would be funny if someone would order a terrifying bed instead of something mainstream,” he told CNET. When Reginella found out that his childhood friend was having a boy, he knew that he had to make it for him. The baby reportedly loves it.

There’s been a lot of buzz about the Jaws-themed bed. If you wish you had one, then you’re in luck. Reginella’s toy line, Toxic Teddies, is now offering custom hand-made duplications for sale.



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