NASA Offers $18,500 To People Willing To Stay In Bed For 60 Days. Are YOU up for it?

We all know that space travel is not only expensive, but also dangerous. If humans are to send people to Mars, scientists must know and understand the effects that living in space poses to human body. It is known that the so-called “puffy-head, bird-legs” syndrome exists, which manifests itself when, due to zero gravity conditions, blood flow is no longer pulled to the legs and as a result, the astronaut’s head is filled with fluid. Therefore, NASA and ESA teamed up to conduct a bed rest study to see how the body adapts to weightlessness. The space agencies announced that they are looking for two dozen volunteers to spend 60 days laying down to help scientists understand how space travel will affect astronauts. The participants will be paid 16,500 euros (more than $18,500) and will have to travel to Cologne, Germany.

Would you do it?

In related news, did you know it's the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing this year? To commemorate this amazing feat of human endeavour, Giant Leap Studios have released a remastered version of the Flight Plan which was a minute-by-minute timeline of all of the activities scheduled for the Apollo 11 mission. You can get your very own copy by going HERE.



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