Geologist Shares His Most Interesting Finds On Google Earth

A geologist from New Orleans named Will could put Google Earth under his hobbies, as the guy spends a lot of time exploring various areas of the map and snapping screenshots of places he found most interesting. Posting under the name geologistsmakethebedrock, this man has shared a couple of galleries with the internet people, adding short descriptions to each image. "I really like to peruse Google Earth looking for cool things. My captions either come from basic internet research of my guess about what's happening. Keep in mind that they are just my interpretations of things and could be wrong" he explained

"I tried to find interesting examples of geologic processes to use in lecture presentations. That’s when I started gathering screen shots of cool stuff for myself. Then I decided to share some images on Imgur because my wife was tired of me making her look at them and listen to my explanations" he told us. Will admitted that most of his choices to look into are random, but there are times when he follows a certain trail he's interested in. "One tip to find interesting geology things is to look for symmetry or patterns in landscapes. Most symmetry is from human activates, but certain geologic processes can great semi-symmetry" he explained. 

Most of his screenshots feature various land formations that draw the eye, as well as some man-made structures that seem to have a story behind them. Google Earth has been a thing since 2001, though back then it was only in the initial stage of what it eventually became. Within years the project evolved and from flat, often puzzle-like map we eventually got realistic 3D depictions of many countries across the globe. The project even expended further than Earth's boundaries as Google launched such branches as Google Mars and Google Moon.

There's a lot out there to explore, so if you're lacking funds or the ability to go on long flights to see Norwegian fjords or Mexican deserts, power up the app and see where it takes you. Oh, but before that, don't forget to check out what geologistsmakethebedrock shared and vote for your favorite snaps!



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