Japanese Artist Photographs Stray Cats Having Fun And Not Giving A Damn In The World

Sometimes, it’s not about where you are but rather who you’re with. A Japanese photographer who goes by the name of Nyankichi Rojiupa has found a group of stray cats who have turned a street with drain pipe holes into their playground, and his images perfectly show just how much fun these felines are having.

“I casually stumbled upon these strays and now spend all of my weekends with them,” Rojiupa told us. And even though the photographer doesn’t have any cats of his own, he’s befriended quite a few of them. “I’ve managed to earn their trust to the point where they allow me to play together.”

Their specialty is hopping in and out of drain pipe holes, striking the cutest poses. And when these adorable furballs aren’t busy doing PAWkour, they let Rojiupa pet them.

However, the photographer said that every now and then somebody’s starts raising concerns about the friendship he shares with these critters. According to him, some speculate that his photos might attract those who might harm the cats. “The cats live on private, protected property,” Rojiupa assured us.


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