Inanimate Objects GIF-ified to Produce Mesmerizing Results


We love nothing better than inanimate objects being GIF-ified. And these are hypnotically amazing.

Feliks Konczakowski created them by using After Effects and then looping them.

Be prepared to waste a lot of time staring blankly at the cauliflower.

everyday-object-gifs-loop-images-feliks-tomasz-konczakowski-3__605 everyday-object-gifs-loop-images-feliks-tomasz-konczakowski-4__605 everyday-object-gifs-loop-images-feliks-tomasz-konczakowski-5__605 everyday-object-gifs-loop-images-feliks-tomasz-konczakowski-7__605 everyday-object-gifs-loop-images-feliks-tomasz-konczakowski-8__605 everyday-object-gifs-loop-images-feliks-tomasz-konczakowski-10__605

everyday-object-gifs-loop-images-feliks-tomasz-konczakowski-11__605 everyday-object-gifs-loop-images-feliks-tomasz-konczakowski-13__605 everyday-object-gifs-loop-images-feliks-tomasz-konczakowski-14__605

(via Bored Panda)

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