Teacher Uses LEGO to Teach His Students Mathematics!


If you were like us when you were at school, numbers didn’t come easy.  Times tables? Gah. Algebra? Eek. Calculus? Forget about it.

However teacher Alycia Zimmerman has come up with an ingenious method of engaging her students while at the same time teaching them mathematics.  Using LEGO, Alycia is able to explain fractions, adding and subtracting, dividing, and other more complex equations.




Building Square Numbers:


Part/Part/Total Diagrams:


Examples of the factors of 48:

teaching-children-math-lego-blocks-alycia-zimmerman-4 teaching-children-math-lego-blocks-alycia-zimmerman-5 teaching-children-math-lego-blocks-alycia-zimmerman-6 teaching-children-math-lego-blocks-alycia-zimmerman-7

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